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  1. Is there any Pirate leadership making its way to the top to have some sort of diplomatic connections?
  2. I would also Like to offer my services for this postion. I'm on weekdays 5-11pm EST I am very active on the forums and currently Managing the PVP2 political situation thread and keeping it updated. I spend at least a few hours on the forums through out the day. I manage a clan of 160 members and most of them were raised from lowly midshipmens to now a lot of flag captains We are Very involved in all aspects of the game and know all the intricacies of it (at least what we have been told and read) (I'm semi Famous in game already
  3. I guess if the British are our pals(because the pirates say so), I should go open formal communications with the Brits and let them know we are now friends...
  4. We are still very much active and subject to very interesting political situations especially involving the Bahamas, get in on the action and be Hated by the Pirates
  5. Its an article by an American Clan promoting itself and allies, would be counter productive to say good things about pirates or hostiles. No one claimed that it was going to be unbiased.
  6. to be fair, given the option we would engage a pirate fleet over a British fleet even if it was a full out war between the US and Brits. You could say we have no love for pirates...
  7. The Continental Navy [uSS] does not take kindly to having its sovereignty at Mimbres encroached upon and raided by the treacherous Spanish. We are very disappointed in the Spanish with their attempted assault of Mimbres earlier this morning. Do not think that we will sit by and let this incident occur without repercussions. -El Capitano, Founder and Fleet Admiral of The Continental Navy
  8. As for the Continental Navy, the agreement was made between us and Sons of Britain, Since no SOB ships were involved there is no issue on our side.
  9. The Following ports have been seized from the pirates as of last night: Port Howe, Arthur's Town
  10. Agreed, Other forces should tread very carefully when dealing with the USA and her Allies
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