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Monkey Bullet

WAR PHOTOS! French v Dutch

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Your best successfull was .. FR give us Pampatar, macaneo, galdonas and carupano. And some FR players give you...Now we wait ever these good french players who said : It will be easy to take Pampatar....


and 98 % of CNSF (French Council) accept your offer

the 2 %  against were





GL HF in South. Desmoines go to another nation (probably some FRL and MRF will follow me)....more fun to play than french with bad idea... :)


Cu later in others seas


FRL DesMoines

I am very confused

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Getting spanked every night but they seem to enjoy it.

That's what I call perseverance :-)

Joking aside: looks like you are having some fun battles there.

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