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  1. In the game I am Augustus Keppel, rank of Lieutenant.
  2. Yesterday, I fought a battle and was scoring well, when I got sunk about 30 minutes before the end. I exited the battle and waited about an hour but received no credits for that battle at all. I sent an F11 bug notice. I checked this morning and there was no change to my scores. Please inform me what's happening.
  3. I have exited a battle and after an hour received no credits for that battle. Is it happening to others?
  4. I am looking for another English-speaking French clan. The one I am in has become defunct. Any suggestions, please?
  5. Connection lost after won PB Barahona

    I am playing as French. I have 4 redeemable forged papers. If I change nation and captain's name what do I Iose? Redeemable forged papers? Gold? XP? Rank? If I put my ships in a free port, how do I recover them with a new name and nation?
  6. My question was, how many players in the queue would trigger a battle. From this answer, I get that the number of players doesn't trigger a battle. From a previous answer, I get that 5 minutes triggers a battle--even if there is only one player. Correct?
  7. What's the usual waiting time for a game? Does the size of the queue have anything to do with it? What would be a figure that determines that the game will initiate?
  8. There is no comprehensive tutorial as far as I can see for Naval Action Legends. What does the red book on the top right hand side mean? What does the white book on the bottom left hand side mean? In Equipment there is a box for guns, fine, and there is another box for XP. How do you use these? I had 217, then after a battle they dropped to 178. Why? Any help appreciated. Thank-you.
  9. The game crashed twice in two games a little while ago. Then, no server. What's the matter with the game? Is that because of the last patch?
  10. I'm getting the message: 'We couldn't authenticate you via Steam for some reason.' It's downloading. I had to opt out of beta.
  11. Should we opt out of the Beta program in preparation for the release of Legends?
  12. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Just now, I couldn't get into Naval Action Legends because of this message: 'We couldn't authenticate you via Steam for some reason.'