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  1. If I may add. What about old politics system ? I think it was good to have votes which 2 nations will be at war and which friendly. And to prevent some spamming of the same alliances put there some Cooldown timer ? Like you can not vote again for the same nation for next 48-72 hours ? So each day or how was the reset of politics nation will be forced to vote for different ally. So there will be some rotation and you will be able to not have status quo...
  2. Jovzin


    I would love to have duras back. Maybe not on all ships. But what about 4-5th rates and bellow to have 3 duras ? There are players that can not spend whole day in this game doing stupid grinding all day for a money to buy a ship and than loose it in first gank.
  3. I have no problem with ship wipe and the rest of the things but I do have problem with only 1 dura ships. I suggest to do some compromise and give the ships below 3rd ship - 3 duras. As some of the guys wrote here I do not have so much time to play as before ( family , kids , work ) so I am more of a casual player for example I am still sitting for las 2 weeks in a First Lieutenant rank bcs of little time I have for last days. So for those players taht have not su much time to play can you change this dura at least to 2 or 3 duras for ships that are under 3rd for example ?
  4. That is bad. I just created my char but is looks like it is late already , fock. Sorry but I was not able to log in and create earlier my char. Why only till 3am pst today ? In europe this is 14:00 GMT which I am still at work. What about extend it till 19:00 GMT time ? So I paid money , was trying to report bugs in alpha , was giving some suggestions and now I will have the short straw just bcs some ppl go to work you know !? Some ppl do not play the whole day a PC game. OK so what can we do to fix this ? I really want to redeem that another gift you are giving to us alpha testers. Thank you
  5. Ahoj Asi som ti uz aj pisal na Reddite ak si to ty. Ja hram uz od Aprila za Anglanov a som v SLRN guilde.
  6. Well In that case implement something like recover durability for captured ships. Cause usually the captured ships has only 1 durability. Btw before today's patch I think I saw some better quality ships in ports than common. So why nerf ? As I said above either implement something like restore durability to at least 4 or 3 for captured ships or increase the durability of captured ships to 3 or 4. Or return the better quality ships to the store back.
  7. Great update guys. Like the new islands and ports. But it looks like teh NPC is again harder
  8. OK I have cords for Pedro Cay - Pirates - Shallow water X: 17291.9 Z: -20436.7 Thank you for the help and that you waited OK found another island south-west of Pedro Cay: Bone Cay - Pirates - Shallow water X: -29110.8 Z: -56058.9
  9. I must say I have something simmilar. The graphics settings are always reset when I enter instance battle. I have to set them up in each battle instance cause somehow they are not saved.
  10. Hello I found pirate port named Pedro Cay , shallow waters. But do not know how to get cords of it. Possible cords : 17.0833147, -78.3333875,21 but I am not sure if those are the right ones got them from google maps. How can I get the cords guys ? According google maps it should be south of Jamaica. https://www.google.cz/maps/place/Pedro+Bank/@17.1612432,-78.8509366,8z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8edef306747243c9:0x8c3b3f81820905ec
  11. Hurray see you in OW Great news going to do a lot of testing and feedback.
  12. Wau really nice ship. Who created it ? Devs or somebody from the community ? Nice detail. Really like it a lot
  13. So guys did you get your OW invite ? I was hoping that today I will be able to join OW but no key in e-mial and no update on the steam So it looks like I will have to wait a little longer... And was hoping that on Wed evening I will be sailing in OW
  14. Hmm so I do not know if I should be happy or not. As I see it gold / reward / repair costs are unbalanced really hard. I am hoping that I get my OW invite tomorrow but well I think I will wait a few more days for some hotfix of those AI joining from thin air and some beter balance for gold / reward and repair costs
  15. Great news. Looking forward to test OW and give you feedback.
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