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  1. Roronoa


    Da hab ich ja glatt die HRE bei den Schweden vergessen 😮 Schande über mich
  2. Roronoa


    LIONS bei den Niederländern HANSA bei den Preußen GNF bei den Briten Hmmm... So viele kenn ich gar nicht haha, gibt sicher einige mehr
  3. Roronoa

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    1. Ship customization: More Paints (will probably come in future), to be able to choose sail color and maybe choose a bow figure. 2. Clan Flags: Let the creator (or Diplomat) create a flag, which a clanmember can decide to wheter sail with clan flag or nation flag. 3. Animals: I can fish, but i cant see any fishes. There could be swimming a whale in open world sometimes or little fishes and maybe add an option for active fishing, when you catch a fish there will be something like a minigame, the better you the more/better fish you get. 4. Replay: After you leave a battle there could be something asking you, if you want to save the replay of the battle. Reasons behind this: Something funny happend in battle, you where really good and want to show others, not everyone is recording, to analyse your performance and sometimes good for bug reports. 5. Like Admin said: Better Boarding (or at least better looking boarding): I would love to control a guy in 3rd person and kill all the crew of the enemy (im not a pychopath i swear). Or if this is way to much work, just make some animations behind the actions, for example if you choose musket volley, you can see how your crew is shooting with muskets and stuff.
  4. Roronoa

    PvP farming at Nassau

    It was always like this. Nassau Forts in Nassau Patrol and Nippes Forts in Leogane Patrol
  5. Roronoa

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I didnt said it was a nightflip. And 20:46 Server Time is 22:46 for us. So if its on a Sunday, where almost everyone of us has to get up early the next day, its understandable, that we cant come.
  6. Roronoa

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Not our port, LIONS port and its was on Sunday, many of us had to get up early for Monday.
  7. Roronoa

    Caribbean Invasion News

    It was too late for us.
  8. Roronoa

    Naval Action Meme collection

  9. Roronoa

    The beacon of maracaibo has been lit

    As the mastermind of the glorious multiflip i call all HAVOC member and the dutch nation to arms, to make our waters safe for trading again Warning: This post may contain sarcasm!
  10. Roronoa

    i dont know what to say...

    Infact, the L'Ocean targeted the endymion. Left side is attacker and right side is defender/attacked. I dont get why you make a post about this at all? Is this the first time you're outnumbered? I get it you're angry, but posting it on the forums is just overreacting.
  11. Roronoa

    Want to buy / Want to sell

    Have the Blueprint as well
  12. Roronoa

    Want to buy / Want to sell

    WTB Art of Ship handling or Notes on the Best Rudder Angles and Art of Proper Cargo Distribution. Ingame Name: Roronoa
  13. Roronoa

    New player experience

    Hi everybody, I've noticed, that people on the help chat almost ask the same questions like "How do i put cannons on my ship" "What is double shot and double charge" "What are combat marks for" "How do i capture ports" etc. In the tutorial the game teaches you the basic gameplay, but imo there should be something, which teaches you the other basics like putting cannons on your ship. My suggestion now is to add a "Help" or "Guide" button to the ESC menu. In this menu the player should be able to read about basic stuff of the game and maybe show it, when the player is playing for the very first time. In the help section the player should see pictures which explains them the basics (epic photoshop i know ) Or explain what you can to on all the single tabs. Not only this, there could also be some tips for combat ( @rediii has a nice sheet for that) The purpose of this is to make it easier for new players to get into this game, without asking every single detail on help chat. And make it also available in open world, so you can read through it while you're on a long sail. I know devs are busy with something else atm and i know a few things will change with the new UI, but i think new player experience should be something to consider. o7
  14. Roronoa

    World Cup (annual event)

    Why are some people against it? If you dont want it, dont be a part of it. And as @z4ys said: Let us have some fun
  15. Roronoa

    World Cup (annual event)