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  1. Roronoa

    Ship is overloaded (bug?)

    I was sailing with my indiaman and then fishing stopped because ship is overloaded. After this i got attacked, but managed to board the enemy. I wanted to pick his upgrade up, but couldn't because is was overloaded, so i put all my fish meat on his ship to have enough space again. Even though my ship was not overloaded anymore i couldnt pick his upgrade. Always the message "Ship is overloaded, cant put item in it". Is it because i was overloaded before battle started? Or is it a bug? Here you can see that the hold is 4724.7/4800 and i just wanted to grab the upgrade (which has no weigh i think).
  2. Roronoa

    YARRGH to Mr. Pellew

  3. Roronoa

    Tooltip on loading screens

  4. Roronoa

    all chats gone, cant see my own clan

    Did you try to restart the game? I had similar issues, but it was fixed after i restarted the game.
  5. Roronoa

    Alt farming

  6. Roronoa

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Well, you can just keep the 10 pvp marks then xD
  7. Sounds interesting. Maybe... i... joi... Good luck have fun
  8. Roronoa

    Naval Action Meme collection

  9. Roronoa

    Fragen zum Spiel

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/1/1698293703767751133/ Der Plan ist es dieses Jahr noch zu veröffentlichen
  10. Roronoa

    which ship?

    dont forget the 6-7 turn rate
  11. Roronoa

    which ship?

    why not? Many Captains underestimates the snow. If you practice a bit with the snow you can easy sink/capture any 5th rates (or higher rates but it will take longer). Snow is perfect for stern chasing and raking. And another advantage is: It is cheap af! So it actually doesn't bother, if its sinks (depends on upgrades you put in of course). just try it out
  12. Roronoa

    other example of captain who cannot behave

    Everyone's trash ...sorry
  13. Roronoa


  14. Didnt try it, but i think it works like this: You go to patrol area and do your damage. Let's say you did 6k damage, then there will be a "Claim 3 pvp marks Reward" button available. If you claim it you cant take another patrol mission until next maintenance. But if you not claim it, the damage you've done will keep counting and when you come to 20k, there should be a claim 10 pvp marks button. Just claim the reward if you think you are done for today. PS: This is not confirmed information, just how i think it works.