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  1. Global Chat on Global Server

    I doubt this is any worse than any other MMO chat. But it seems it has been pretty bad at some point in the recent past and the Devs/forum Mods were about to remove the chat altogether. I don't know if you guys remember the thread, but it started a firestorm. I'm not for censure, but there are times when people are just too disrespectful, rude and plain obnoxious that something has to be done. There is a report system that just needs to be used. I assume the more people using it to single out a bad apple or cucumber, the more likely that person is going to be warned, then banned from chat for a certain amount of time or indefinitely if he/she is a recidivist.
  2. [Poll] Rum

    Throwing this out there: It appears that players are focused on getting mods that increase speed, stacking every little advantage that would make a ship faster than any other ship. I saw lots of posts about capping/not capping speed...etc. Which leads me to think about instead of limiting/capping speed, hull/rig repairs, rum, instead make people think hard about what they want their ship to be used for. What about a perk or a mod that reduces casualties instead of "reviving" killed sailors with Rum? Having different levels of Naval Surgeons that would reduce casualties from enemy fire.This would add strategic thinking about making choices: you want to stack up speed mods or not place so many of them and leave room for Crew protection mods/perks. People are already doing this when crafting ships, they choose woods according to what they want to do with certain ships: Speed, HP, thickness...etc So, maybe apply that same thinking towards repairs and crew.
  3. I Got Lucky Last Night but Don't Know Why

    That is good to know... ...and yes like many of us here, I got lured into the thread hoping to read about some carnal exploits from an elderly game buddy!!! I want a refund.
  4. Stop being negative!!

    @Flash Jack great post and I agree with you about the negativity not being helpful. There is a difference between constructive criticism and plain criticism, we as players in a game still in its development phase should focus on the constructive feedback. Things I like about this game: dreaming about being at the helm of an Indiaman. The work put into the ship model details is unbelievable.
  5. Server Merge Poll

    Just want to clarify something since the thread went into the inevitable discussion about eliminating the PvE server. This poll is about merging PvP servers, not PvE-PvP servers! Right??? PS: "Just on that note, remember that this poll is about what people want." I would say what 182 people want out of how many thousands play/own the game. If anyone was actually paying attention during statistics class, then one would know that "n" is very important. Larger sample sizes generally lead to increased precision when estimating parameters.
  6. Server Merge Poll

    Have the Devs actually mentioned anything about the PvE server being a financial and/or resource sink? Or is it something non PvE players are throwing out there to justify or disguise their own reasons to just get rid of a server and its community? Cause that sounds just like what Jean Ribault was saying: "But keep arguing for it if that's what makes you happy, to take away something from others when it in no way would benefit you, but would definitely hurt them". And I would add: the PvE server is in now way bothering/interfering with the ones that are the most vocal about wanting to eliminate it.
  7. Server Merge Poll

    If you are talking about merging PvP servers, I have no particular opinion about it as I am not a PvP player and do not feel it concerns me or would it be appropriate for me to meddle in other people's business, therefore I did not vote. If you are a PvP player and asking to merge PvP and PvE servers then I will share my opinion. This has been debated multiple times and if you still fail to see (or don't care about , for that matter) the disastrous results it will bring upon the PvE community then it is just a sad state of affairs! Even as a non PvP player, I can understand that the PvP servers need more players to have an increased rate of PvP action. It doesn't take much for a PvE player, ie me, to understand that and I also totally understand the efforts of the PvP community who is tirelessly trying to achieve that goal: attract and retain players for the PvP servers. However, believing that forcing PvE players to join PvP servers (or single server) will increase the PvP player base is a total fallacy bordering on the delusion! But again, I have also come to somewhat understand that thinking process: "I am a PvP player, this is a PvP game everyone must play PvP style". When you do not accept any other play style than your own, you can not see the need or understand the wishes of people with a different play style than yours. Some PvP'ers are saying Gamelabs "never promised a separate PvE server" and quoting the steam description of NA. Sure, however even though the Devs did not make that promise, they still added a completely separate PvE server. I do not recall what they said their rationale was, but the fact of the matter is that we have a PvE server that has attracted a different community than the PvP one and they want to continue to play on that server, not the PvP server.
  8. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Thank you for your persistent effort in improving the game. PS: Now if you could remove the timers on the PvE server, that would be an amazing thing.
  9. Return the Pray Button

    WHAT??? The pray button is gone??? Man, the only thing that worked in the game and it's gone...GONE!!!! what a sad...
  10. Locked deck view = immersion

    It turns out that there are at least a dozen people that do, look at the "likes"...oh I see, you said "love it" not like it, I guess you are right! As far as I'm concerned, I do love the idea and I had asked about it in the past and I'm glad someone is bringing it back up. I think this would be a great addition for an immersive game play on the PvE sever. Making battle instances all take place from the quarter deck view would be a fantastic idea. @drwalker54 thanks for the suggestion and pictures.
  11. Remove ship rating limitations on MISSIONS

    I haven't done many missions myself, so I don't have a good idea as to how the rewards are linked to the ship class and/or BR. However, it would make common sense that if you fight a ship with a much lower BR, your reward should be quite low and vice versa. So, if the mission cap is removed and your reward is based on the BR instead of the mission ship rate: 1- People who intend to try out a ship without running the risk of losing it would go with a lower rate mission no matter what theirs is and won't expect to get much reward out of it, except for the testing results. Same applies for a veteran training a new player. 2- People who are actually interested in the challenge/higher reward, can choose any mission rate they want and try their luck. Edit: Sorry I didn't see your other thread Rebel.
  12. Do your balls actually glow? Jokes aside...interesting post. I do wish you guys good luck with the clan war patch and hope it will bring a challenging game play to the PvP'ers.
  13. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Again, thank you for your input regarding the PvE server. However, as it is clear that you are a dedicated PvP player, you definitely should use your energy to provide feedback and help fix the problems that are affecting the PvP server. I know you feel like you have to, but you really don't have to waste your time on stuff that really doesn't affect your server or game style. This thread is to promote PvE game play on the PvE server, it has nothing to do with PvP gameplay or the PvP server. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, however, if your goal is to derail somebody else thread just because your feel the other group of players that do not share your own game style, should not exist or their server taken away, then it is just sad. Obviously, there is no amount of reasoning that will change your mind or the mind of the people like you, who sadly seem to be quite numerous in this forum.
  14. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Hi Monkey, thank you for your input about the PvE server. If you feel you were "poked", could you please take it up with the person you believe poked you and have a personal/private discussion? This back and forth is distracting from the purpose of this thread, which is to bring attention to the PvE server and not bring back the "old monkey". Thank you.
  15. Patch monday - urgent.

    Are these Neutral Ports supposed to be linked to these National Ports?