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  1. Remove ship rating limitations on MISSIONS

    I haven't done many missions myself, so I don't have a good idea as to how the rewards are linked to the ship class and/or BR. However, it would make common sense that if you fight a ship with a much lower BR, your reward should be quite low and vice versa. So, if the mission cap is removed and your reward is based on the BR instead of the mission ship rate: 1- People who intend to try out a ship without running the risk of losing it would go with a lower rate mission no matter what theirs is and won't expect to get much reward out of it, except for the testing results. Same applies for a veteran training a new player. 2- People who are actually interested in the challenge/higher reward, can choose any mission rate they want and try their luck. Edit: Sorry I didn't see your other thread Rebel.
  2. Do your balls actually glow? Jokes aside...interesting post. I do wish you guys good luck with the clan war patch and hope it will bring a challenging game play to the PvP'ers.
  3. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Again, thank you for your input regarding the PvE server. However, as it is clear that you are a dedicated PvP player, you definitely should use your energy to provide feedback and help fix the problems that are affecting the PvP server. I know you feel like you have to, but you really don't have to waste your time on stuff that really doesn't affect your server or game style. This thread is to promote PvE game play on the PvE server, it has nothing to do with PvP gameplay or the PvP server. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, however, if your goal is to derail somebody else thread just because your feel the other group of players that do not share your own game style, should not exist or their server taken away, then it is just sad. Obviously, there is no amount of reasoning that will change your mind or the mind of the people like you, who sadly seem to be quite numerous in this forum.
  4. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Hi Monkey, thank you for your input about the PvE server. If you feel you were "poked", could you please take it up with the person you believe poked you and have a personal/private discussion? This back and forth is distracting from the purpose of this thread, which is to bring attention to the PvE server and not bring back the "old monkey". Thank you.
  5. Patch monday - urgent.

    Are these Neutral Ports supposed to be linked to these National Ports?
  6. The Praise Thread

    1- The graphics are truly amazing. Also, the work put into the ship models is unbelievable! I often find myself staring at my ships under sail, use the free camera and try different angles and look at the different details. 2- The open world concept is pretty awesome, sailing from one port to another, running into other players, discovering new areas...etc. By the way, all the 700 + hours I've spent and I barely scratched the surface! 3- Being able to interact with other players online, asking for help or helping others, or just chatting away is a significant plus in the game. I met pretty cool people from around the world. 4- Battle mechanics are fantastic, even though I often miss the broadside (no pun intended) of a barn unless I'm at hailing distance. 5- and my final praise is for the tremendous potential this game still has if the effort continues to be put into it.
  7. Outposts & dock space

    Speaking from a PvE point of view, I initially thought the current limitations were too drastic. However, I came to look at them more and more as a needed challenge that adds some strategic thinking into the game. I feel the game would become boring very quickly if a player is able to have outposts galore, producing every resource without having to make any "difficult" choices. Also, being able to own every single ship in the game will again take away the challenge of having to choose between several classes/types of ships designed for different purposes. In my opinion, it's all about making choices, the right choices for you, your play style and your purpose in the game, especially if career paths are introduced to the game on the PvE server! Great poll by the way.
  8. comma, comma, period. [Return] comma, period. [Return] comma, period. [Return] comma, period. period. [Return] comma, period. period. [Return] comma, period.
  9. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    interesting idea!
  10. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    oh sure, I didn't forget that, that was great news. But if nothing is done to make it viable (profitable) till then, how is it going to survive a year to a year and a half longer?
  11. As you may know by now, I am a strong advocate of the game on the PvE server and was hoping to attract the Devs' attention one more time. See my previous post here: Which has actually attracted the attention of the Admin and one of the forum moderators. Now hoping to get some action! A few weeks ago, one of the chat moderators spoke to one of the admins and provided an end to a speculation that was going on at that time about PvP/PvE merger and PvE server closure. He quoted the admin say: "closing pve server is not currently on the cards. we promised that we will keep it for the while UNTIL it becomes completely unprofitable". We have 2 pieces of information to digest here: 1- Devs are not considering the termination of the PvE server at this time. (good news) 2- It will remain active until it's completely unprofitable. (not so good news, but not terrible either...if) The second piece of information may indicate that PvE is profitable, somewhat profitable, a little profitable, not very profitable but not "completely unprofitable". In other words, it still has some life in it. Now, here is the caveat: for it to remain active, it HAS to remain profitable or become more profitable (which I believe it will). To keep it profitable it is obvious that it needs attention. This server is not going to increase it's population and retain it for a long period of time if not much is put into it. So my question to the devs is: while waiting for feedback from PvP players regarding the latest patch, would it be possible to work on the PvE server game play? I strongly believe it has a significant potential to becoming a major Age of sail MMO trade and combat Sim with Cooperative battles and interactive player driven economy. Most of the ground work is already done. It needs some details specific to PvE version of the game. Even the changes brought on by the latest patch that are geared towards Clan Wars and PvP can be used for the PvE version of the game, well maybe not the map as it is now with most ports changed to Neutrals. Anyway, I had started a thread with some ideas about making a PvE version of the game and added new suggestions related to the latest patch, see it here: I hope the development team allocates some time to bring us the very first PvE patch and help make the server more profitable by giving us a great product. Thank you,
  12. PvE Server Game play overhaul

    See Edit 1 above.
  13. Oh, so it was clarified...thanks. I was hoping it was a mistake being taxed on both ends.
  14. Here you say purchases OR sales, but in game, taxes are paid on purchases AND sales. Is it a typo or an error and only the purchase OR the sale is taxable?
  15. Patch monday - urgent.

    Question to the Devs: According to the new map, the vast majority of ports are Neutral. Does it mean the majority of AI ships/fleets are also neutral? If so, this is going to be a problem on the PvE server!