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  1. A few suggestions

    First time I see your map - good job. This is just an example of great minds thinking alike!
  2. A few suggestions

    I would like to suggest the following: Please remove all the speed modules and make the game more balanced again. Please make it harder to demast. It is only a matter of hitting masts these days and a lot less about being a good sailor. Please remove hard to get and imba modules/resources that both unbalance gold and ship builds Since you are merging the servers, please consider dividing the map into difference timezones. K Keep the current EU PB timer (EU prime time) in the dominated EU areas like Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Great and Lesser Antilles, Jamaica and around the coast of South America US prime time PB zone around Florida and northern part of the Mexican gulf Oceanic prime time PB zone in Panama and Yucatan area etc. etc.
  3. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    You clearly doesn't get it. We helped another clan flip the port - but by mistake DNP flipped it and not Hydra. In agreement with Hydra we decided not to contest the port and leave if for Hydra to take it another day. Is this very complicated for you? Don't you think you should do something else than make silly things up in your mind? Do we need to take this in another language that is better for you?
  4. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    No - we just didn't show up In our attempt to help another clan flip the port we for some odd reason got it. So we promised not to take it today. All in all just us keeping our promises
  5. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Yeah I know - I still like him though
  6. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Dear Anolytic It is fair that you do not like us but please stop this smear campaign you guys are doing and stop telling straight up lies about what we have done (and not done). Your characteristic of DNP clearly reflects your aversion towards us. Please give us a little more credit for all the work we've done with you earlier. During the night-flips DNP always showed up in the middle of the night to defend ports all over the Caribbean. But not only at the night-flips we both helped attack and defend in places like Savannah, Islamorada, Remedios, La Bahia, Soto La Marina etc. So please stop to discredit us the way RDNN are doing these days. In most of the Port Battles where we helped our allies DNP players was the only Danish players besides Tiedemann. Please take a talk with Tiedemann who can testify that we have done a lot to help when RDNN called for our help and let us stop this silly feud and just agree that we in some matters just are very far apart from each other.
  7. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Dear DreamMaker. Thank you for your reply. I have respect for the loyalty towards a friend whom you share a lot of history with. That shows a good character in my mind. But as you also state; this is one single incident that we are talking about - the so called "PB Sabotage". I think the punishment against DNP is way too far- especial when it is announced as eternal. Remember that we just tried to keep a promise to another Danish clan and did not know about other agreements made.
  8. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    My thoughts on this statement: 1) This is a personal vendetta and shouldn't have come to this. RDNN is punishing a group of people because they do not like certain people within our clan. I think it is our right not to agree on decisions made by other clans. RDNN should respect this without trying their utmost to destroy DNP. This invitation to our enemies to come into core Danish waters and take danish ports should be regarded as high treason (or at least a very childish reaction to not getting your will). Luckily we have got a lot of backing from all the other Danish clans the last two days - which we appreciate much. 2) The decision to include clan RUS is this matter is not fair. I can see why RDNN would do this - since the statement without RUS would be pretty much worthless. RUS have absolutely no part in this feud and should be left out of this. We still regard them as our friends and hope they will come to reason in the near future, since this matter is absolutely for no good for our nation. 3) The comments and reactions of Graf Bernadotte is in my mind tending to be embarrassing. The arrogance and disrespect tells a lot of a person who I have had great respect for in the past. Overall lets this be a feud between RDNN and DNP and leave all other out of this - including RUS. Furthermore: We should start cooperate in the nation again. But this time all the clans who wants to be a part of RvR should have the right to be a part of the decision making. We should discard the process where one clan dictates what to do and involve more people in meetings for all the clan leaders and strategists.
  9. Yeah I am sorry that I did that rookie mistake jumping straight out of port with 250 crew.... But shit happens when things go that fast. I was just logged in after a PB where I lost 900 crew and simply forgot to refill
  10. the death of port battles

    Wow peoples behavior is just embarrassing. Where is all this hatred coming from? Are you guys (boys) for real? I am seriously chocked about the comments all over this forum these days. It is just unbelievable to me that a game can make you feel this way to fellow gamers. I will anytime admit that some of the stuff that my side (Danmark-Norge) pulled off earlier wasn’t very nice or fair to the US and indeed didn't do anything good for this game and the player base. Maybe what's going on now, is what we needed to come to that conclusion and in that perspective all this make sense. I can easily accept than some retaliation is very tempting (and to some extend okay) when someone has been bullying you. But we have already admitted that we will not be able to defend our ports during the night – and that you can take them all without us being able to do anything about it. We have learned the lesson! What I find ironic is that the US are accusing us for doing the same to them earlier. Then they should be the first to acknowledge how much night-flips destroys the game for the victims – even more when not even your allies can help defending. When we did it we apparently became scum of the earth. Why does this only apply to the Danes? We all surely share the same interest; to make this game as good as possible and make it fun to play. We need each other for this. How fun is a PvP/RvR game without opponents? I cannot understand how some very childish hatred is so much more important