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  1. Not being able to see enemy player names in OW. I miss that little casual chat with random players
  2. I kindly remind you that Sweden is a vasal of Denmark :) You have no right to diplomacy!
  3. This list is taken from the games database and should be correct (I only made an error on the LGV Refit). All the ships we have seen today is correct according to the list It can be found as spreadsheet here as well: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1znngzQBj6DHuYNHsYeh-Mw9fzHVYV6AlqzSjLaKOfAU/edit#gid=0
  4. Ship BR Traders Lynx 10 Lynx 45 Cutter 50 Traders Cutter 50 Privateer 55 Pickle 60 Traders Brig 60 Brig 80 Prince de Neufchatel 90 Navy Brig 90 Mercury 90 Niagara 90 Traders Snow 95 Snow 100 Rattlesnake Heavy 100 Mortar Brig 100 Cerberus 150 Le Gros Ventre 160 Renommee 165 Surprise 180 Frigate 180 Pirate Frigate 180 Le Gros Ventre Refit 165 Indiaman 195 Belle Poule 200 Essex 200 L'Hermione 210 Endymion 235 Trincomalee 240 Indefatigable 245 Ingermanland 270 Wapen von Hamburg 285 Constitution 290 Wasa 290 Agamemnon 300 Bellona 350 3rd Rate 355 St. Pavel 385 Bucentaure 430 Victory 500 L'Ocean 570 Santisima 605
  5. The Danish naval academy is hereby inviting the infamous "Graf Bernadotte the Ignorant" to a two week course in "Naval Strategies for extreme dummies". The topics will be about "Port Battle BR limit" and "Screening". Though it is expected that he wouldn't gain that much in such short period, we still hope that it could stop just a little bit of the stupid and ignorant fake news. Spirit is very high in Denmark-Norway despite the unlucky port battle defeat at Carriacou. Once again the DNP fleet performed a perfect screening allowing their very close friends from the Baltic Fleet to enter the battle for Carriacou. With the French/Dutch loosing almost all ships in both Port/ and Screening battle they can only fear when the DK-NO alliance will return.
  6. Please pin-point where you see me/us whine about the potential of loosing "everything"
  7. I am not making accusations - I am pointing out straight facts Our agreements with another clan and the will/ability to uphold them is completely irrelevant to anything else. Pointing out our abilities to fighting PB's is very hollow coming from you. You robbed us the ability to defend our ports. We hardly had any choice to which side to join - did we? With the Russian aggression towards us ever since you popped in - we really hadn't anywhere else to go. You pushed us in that direction. And now with the recent absence of Anolytic this would become even more clear. There is no sanity left and no-one inside your nation is to stop the personal vendetta against us. That leaves us with very few choices
  8. I really don't make considerations about previous owners - that isn't really my point here. And whether they owe us anything or not - that is really not up to you to decide. The point is that they run away from agreements with us. I know words doesn't mean that much to many guys in here - but it does to us. No excessive whining or anything - I just calmly noted that those guys in the end wasn't to trust neither And considered our really good relationship then it is just a bit sad.
  9. It makes sense and explains the treacherous behavior of the French VCA
  10. Hmm we just tested on a LGV - it had 4 perm. Maybe we just got lucky
  11. *sigh* 1) 2 minutes join timer when defending a port is just ridiculous. Not being able to defend port against zerg fleet is beyond my belief. What in the world should keep a defending fleet out of a of a port where the ships is anchored up? 2) Giving new crafted ships extra upgrade slot is also bad. Now everyone is going to replace all ships to get that extra slot Everything else seems fine
  12. I know that you think you are really good at being the NA master troll. TBH you are just the clown of the Russian nation and your clan - we all just laugh at you and you embarrassing display here at the forums. You are such a sad human being
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