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  1. RasmusEmil


    Naval ships in the periode 1600-1850
  2. And if RDNN and Dreammaker wanna be girls and bagtalk and make up stories then be my geust!
  3. Dreammaker we have 2 ports !!! and have help other clans to flip their ports........ so what the hell is up youre a**!!!!!????
  4. Nice post....... but you boys are about to make it hyarder on yourself, and this only meens that if any of the other clans Cross RDNN they will get a cold shoulder ??? what is the logic in that ? and when are RDNN gonna uphold any of their promisses !!!
  5. and im taking a view from the nations in the game.... not the others and ofcause there are a lot of other great sea nations but they are not in the game
  6. Le gross ventre is a Dutch ship......
  7. This ship was sailed by the famous hero Tordenskjold and its called Hvide ørn, its 28 meters long and is armed on the gun deck with 12 ponders
  8. It cant be that its only english, french and US ships how is added to the game, there is not a single Scandinavian ship in the game yet, and we where some of the greatest seafaring nations. xD Norske Løve blev søsat i 1765, og hun er opkaldt efter det danske/norske symbol. I 1772 blev hun omdøbt til Øresund, og blev derefter brugt som bevogtningsskib i Øresund og kystfarvandene omkring Danmark. Hun blev slettet fra flåden i 1798.Orginalens data- Længde: 48,93 m- Bredde: 9,70 m- Dybdegang: 5,07 m- Deplacement: 1.076 tons. - 70 kanoner/guns. (24 pounder on the main gun deck) - Bemanding 465 man/crew. Norske Løve(norwigian Lion) was built in 1765 and is called after the Danish/Norwigian symbol, and that makes it a great symbol for the danish Norwigian nation. In 1772 she was renamed Øresund and was used as a gaurd ship in the waters around Denmark and in 1798 she was taken out of cormission.
  9. Hej Lars Rasmus Larsen her ;)

  10. The best Danish-norwigian clan on the server and probberly also the only Clan with Danes and Norwigians...... xD
  11. Hey all. I think that we should go back to the old system where the defender could choose the PB time, thats only fair. many of my Contrymen have the same oppinion. ( denmark ) im just concerned.
  12. I have a suggestion, and it is that you can Choose your own galloen figure, name on the ship and paint on it aswell. i know that you can get the paint ingame but its gives more meening if you can choose paint when you craft the ship from the paints you won allready. That is what i think could be some niceness things in the game. but all in all i still think the game is a good game.
  13. When will the game be up and running today ?

  14. some suggestions for some cool things, that could personalize your ship: galleon figures of your own choosing, the painting on the ship, and if you are a pirate the ability too create your own flag.
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