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  1. The way i understand one can no longer be "rear admiral" unleas u complete the tutorial! If that is the case xp wipe is a must!
  2. I agree that the tutorial its challenging and that its a good thing. Given the nature of the game. I allso belive that we need a rank wipe. This way, with one strike, the rated ships will no longer be for everyone. Only those who complete the tutorial will have this ability. Maybe this is the right way!
  3. People do not mind that a mission spawns on the other side of the world, they mind when they get jumped in the mission.
  4. AxIslander

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I thouth @victor is british!
  5. AxIslander

    LV NA needs you

    Don't need one, not anymore! I play klicker heroes now.
  6. AxIslander

    LV NA needs you

    He is coming! Last time he was in he said "i know what u are doing now" sooner or later they will all find out. Guess its just a matter of time and money!
  7. AxIslander

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    u just did dumbo!
  8. AxIslander

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    1 last thing @admin u find this interesting?
  9. AxIslander

    1st rates + economy/crafting

  10. AxIslander

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    Its a nice song, i hope u like ut!
  11. AxIslander

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    @Banished Privateer@rediii@Slim McSauceand to all your NA friends:
  12. AxIslander

    Acusations without proof

    Show me more
  13. AxIslander

    Acusations without proof

    Thig is, that if u lissten to the audio this guys are cooperating to bait and kill GB players and i left right as they came in one of the players was still in loadig screen. THIS IS THA NAVAL ACTION FRENDLY COMMUNITY and they complain that player retention is bad. Yeah throw shit at me! Show me the other battle were @martinm is telling me, after he joined a basic cutter mission that "he was baiting me for the others" GREAT STUFF throw more shit @admin @Ink is this the intended way to play this game?
  14. AxIslander

    Acusations without proof

    Well then...no more NA for me then...
  15. AxIslander

    Acusations without proof

    This actually shows how the experienced players work togheter accross diffrent nations to kill noobs. Grreat stuff!