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  1. I don't pretend to be a great player, but i am tired to hear u, tell everybody, what is right and what is wrong with this game. So, maybe listen more and then pretend to know better.
  2. I was not talking about repairs... i watched @moskalb streams and there is nothing equal about me and him. I agree that he is more skilled then me but on top of that he has the best mods this game has to offer. So lets stop pretending that we ar all equal. Some players get more love then others!
  3. Can't tag on OW

    its peace with the NPC!!!
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    Who are you, boi? I was under the impression that u are british? Or are u not?
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    You swedish toy, shut your mouth and put your brown pants on so that no1 sees how u shame yourself.
  6. Muhahaha.... Well done guys!
  7. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    And i would like to see the (NA)swedes stop pretending they are ... actualy... the nice guys of the server.
  8. Rum!

    Works for me, about 3 sailors every 10 sec.
  9. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    Was not BF fleet in front of Sant Marta when russians attack...coz it was on cpt reverse stream. Then again just yesterday the mighty @sveno declared that he was happy to give Gran Turk to rubli. So ...no bullshit man, for realz!
  10. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    I don't know what u are talking about?
  11. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    @svenoWhy not just get [RUBLI] and [BF] to screen for u...this is not like the first time.
  12. Duel Rooms, Again...

    Give us the exp we have in NA, then i will give it a try.