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  1. Reinforcement zones

    It has no development value, therefore, i guess, it will not be done.
  2. Player Distribution

  3. PVP marks

    I would like to point out that before PvP marks were, once again, introduced there was no farming. As soon as @devs give special treatment to players that play a certain way and lock out the rest, farming became a reality. Why try an old method expecting a different result? Remove PvP mark or introduce a conversion.
  4. I hope they pull you down from your high horse!
  5. The only nation on the server who actively chose to fight Sweden. Good luck guys!
  6. looking for an na group

    Sorry, wrong topic!
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    If u say u give "more people content" how come u are in allmost all the battles?
  8. Smuggler flag

    I do NOT understand why this is even a discussion. This is not PVP is just griefing other players. If anything, this is an "exploit". There is plenty of PVP to get in all the free towns, but these players are not interested in that. These, so called pvpers want to jump/gank weak unprepared players and then brag about it in forums on their Glorious "PVP" Battles. We are going back to the time before reinforcements. At this moment only a few players are using this "exploit" and it allready caused a discussion, in a month more players will do the same and we are back to 200 players. Here, u have a player, pointig out a problem and giving out solutions and for his troubles he gets jumped by the forum pvpers, great stuff. We are going in circles.
  9. I love this way of PB. One can plan, together with clan members for a pvp battle every other evening. I do not thing one has to worry about the BR planning to much. The best part is that PB now is for EVERYBODY not just a special few. However, i think that the tree circles PB is a bit strange at the moment. I suggest just one circle and maybe bigger. Tks.
  10. I think this is a good way to control an expansion. Take the swedes for ex. Most of their expansion is due to a group of 25 experienced players that bully everybody in possesion of something wort while. With this layout those 25 players will have to get very bussy defending all those possesions. For once the devs reacted before players start to leave. tks.
  11. Solution for Empty Portbattles?

    I propose, we use those forged pappers whisely, and join the swedish nation. This way @redii can finally be "Lill King of the Caribbean".
  12. A realistic thing you could do to make NAVAL ACTION true fun

    I liked the old way, one hull and one sail repair. The addition of rum (crew repair) should be reduced to one time and max 15%. That is my opinion.
  13. Foreign clan alliances

    He used the "P" word!!!
  14. In case you are not 100% sure, we are the red dots on the map.