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  1. I am talking about the lobby part of the game. 1vs1 / small battle / big battle. That part of the game no one was complaining about!
  2. I feel that we all probably forgot, so maybe it needs reminding. When i got my Naval Action it had all the features existing in this so called new game. Devs removed them and created NA Legend. Now are we suppose to pay to get those features back? or did i got this all wrong?
  3. We need to stop getting to attached to modes and other pixels and just play the game. Last patch i got a consti with croked hull/bonewind/coppar plating and realized that this is going to be more a cause to worry than to have fun. So i gave it away. So what i want to say is, use things u can afford to loose.
  4. Discussion of the Map (after reset)

    I want to know if it will be possible to change nation with this reset?
  5. Skills & Ship XP

    I like you're suggestion, i am afraid thow, that it will be ignored allong with manny other good suggestions.
  6. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    My guess is that, after the initial hostility mission my clan (TTT) had 61% hostility. Then @Sir Texas Sir made it to 100% and allso started the PB. The region was given to (TTT) because of the 61% from the initial hostility mission. Allso on my way to raise hostility i added every player in a clan, to my friendly clans. Funny thing was, that mission was @Skully's mission, but he came in a 5th rate and tried to kill two Vics. He came close, sadly no explosion, thus he sunk and got no rewards.
  7. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    I was unable to make changes to the Baracoa region while it was still a contested one. With regards "NoReply"
  8. I'll show you hostility

    Why not combine hostility grind tied to SOL access? U get access to a SOL only if u have hostility points. Its not like there are plans to remove hostility grind, instead there will be hostility missoins. Kinda strange thow coz at the moment a hostility mission spawns like 10 Vics or so. Nerf that down and have us raise hostility with smaller ships to get access to bigger ships for the PB. This way there will no longer be any guaranties that the opponent will have a 25 Agga fleet or a 25 Victory fleet. Ppl with less hostility points will have to make do with smaller ships. Diversity...maybe
  9. Maybe if devs will start to reward pvp participation, things will get better.
  10. I still feel that your game leaves the players to create their own content. This is were it fails! We need some centralized war machanism that all other games have. We allso need daily special missions, and have this mission intersect with other players missions(like chest mission just smaller scale 20-50 players). As for the RvR, i think making the PB ships so special and hard to get was not a good ideea. Even nations with big, organised clans are unwilling to loose big ships. So there lies the only problem with RvR.
  11. There is a programing rule, "to give the user as little rum as possible to mess with youre program"! at least put some kind of boundries on the taxation.
  12. I allso sugested earlier a dynamic Admirality Mission Content that constantly keeps at war the larger clans. So there will be no room for friendly exchanges.
  13. Still, i feel players/clans should not get power over the taxation, the rewards should be Paints and other shiny things.
  14. Look at the way it stands now! strong nations do NOT fight eachother, they agree to excange a region for another. The same will happen with clans, they will not fight eachother. Strong organized clans, will take over regions and they will impose their will on the little people. My opinion
  15. I do NOT think that the management/taxation part should be left to the players/clans. We all know what it did to the individual contracts. This will lead to Clans take control of a region put a stupid taxation fee and players who are established there will have to move or they will just quit. The thing is that, aparently decisions are allready made and we are NOT at all on the same page.