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  1. Anyone see the Xebec?...

    When I actually see any BLACK on Global sail a fore and aft rigged ship, you can have it all to yourselves. Until then give it to those that do.
  2. It's no wonder why you cannot find a clan Justme.
  3. Casual PvPers or PVP/PVE mix will also suffer as we have to replace ships more.
  4. Hotfix 6 for testbed patch 9.99

    I'm really going to miss the KISS (keep it simple stupid) crafting where resources where available everywhere and a light frigate didn't take long to replace. As a casual player who has limited time to play and has been a part of two clans that died out and someone who likes PVP but is no where near PVP elite this game has gone too hard core. I have already gone broke on testbed. I'm willing to try it out when it goes live but have my reservations. In a week or so, I'll probably be back to POTBS (another game with expensive to replace PVP ships). At least there the PVE is fun & enjoyable.
  5. Hotfix 4 for testbed patch 9.99

    Then why even have AI on a PvP server or missions for that matter? What is best for a game is a mix of PVE & PvP. The game is becoming waaaay too hardcore. Do not remove capping AI ships. It's a crutch for those who recently lost ships but would still like to find action in their time of play.
  6. Hotfix 3 for testbed patch 9.99

    There are some big changes coming. Maybe when the wipe comes everyone should try to start out fresh, not redeem XP? Call it Naval Action, phase b.
  7. War is expensive? Hopefully there will be enough dedicated econ'rs making money for their clans.
  8. Hotfix 2 for testbed patch 9.99

    Is it intended that combat orders cannot be taken out of free ports?
  9. Partial removal of fast travel

    @admin Please stick to your guns on complete removal of TPs. With partial removal of tps you are again trying to please everyone and that helps no one. Remember, the 300 players on the server and the vocal ones on the forums are the minority of players as many more have bought this game. If people want fast travel, let them wait for NA Arena game, or whatever you have in the works. Please stick to your guns.
  10. Steam doesn't allow alts. If they did you could play multiple copies of the game under one account. It's just people work around it with alts just like they do here.
  11. A letter to Snow Flake, The Truth Hurts

    It seems like all the idiots that want forever open battles are those that feel it should be safe to hunt in enemy waters with rates. Lmao.
  12. How do you create a new character?

    Been playing since before the creation of PvP2 and being from North America, I am interested in creating a character on PvP2. However I am afraid of deleting my PvP1 character. If I delete my character on PvP2 does it effect the character of the same name on PvP1?
  13. My suggestions for NA

    Total Wipe Make resources more available everywhere (mainly for the next reason) Remove teleports between outposts so nations have to fight on fronts. If you want to build hostility at a distant port, you have to sail your SOL there. Remove pirate ports, let their starting port be La Tortue but let them raid ports which allows them to use the port for 3 days Add collections, like the rare fish which can be only found in certain areas of the map, which when completed can be turned in for rare ships, upgrades, paints. Bring expeditions, as suggested a couple years ago, for rare items to collect for a colection: while sitting outside a port you can send out an expedition and you have to return to that port after a certain time to pick up your crew. (Anyone with other collection suggestions, please add) More PVE content such as daily patrols & blockades at each port that can be only done 1/day for admirality points (PvE'rs please suggest more mission types), Admirality points gained for open world PVP, being on the winning side in a PVP match on the OS gives you points based on damage done and the points are scaled based on BR so even fights or fights won that were not in your favor give more points. There is a daily limit on the points you can get. Admirality store for ships, paints, and upgrades. Remove crafting of SoLs. SoLs can only be bought through admirality store. Remove 2nd circle pulling in of AI fleets Make the ability to have a fleet a 6 point officer perk for anyone that is over the 3rd rank Remove map coordinates but make an officer perk which allows players to see the coordinates (since they are needed for shipwrecks and some players want them) Change the signal perk so that the battle stays open until the player with the perk leaves the battle, is sunk, or surrenders. No BR restrictions. Get rid of PVP events or link them to raising hostility. This list is not final and will probably be edited to add more
  14. Add to that TRUE NATIONAL LIFE as well Remove crafting SOLs replaced by some sort of national only admiralty system. You have to earn the right to commission a SOL through raising hostility, port battles, and protecting your home waters. You can request your SOL make at your nations capital and once you earn your commission you can pick it up at your capital. Through a hidden leaderboard system only 1 or 2 players from each nation would be able to commission a first rate. If captured by other players, you must reapply and there is a possibility of your commission being taken away by the admiralty office.