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  1. [PVP2] Server "Health"

    Roberts has gone from mildly annoying and someone to laugh at, to down right insulting people. Act your age mate... I can't believe this has to be said. As for the topic. I agree with PURGE and OMG. If you want to keep players around you need to have fun. The current port battle mechanics are reinforcment mechanics are the biggest preventors of fun from happening and I don't think any patch will be a "major content update" until those issues are addressed because currently they are the most unfun and cause 95% of arguments and disputes on the forums. I agree that the grinding is a bit much for people that don't play every day. Hell, I didn't get on once this weekend because it was my 21st birthday and I was seeing my family and friends. While people that play more should rank up faster (obviously) and should have an advantage in skill and ship, I don't think it should be the case where the guys that play more can win without a fight even occuring like the current BR mechanic works.
  2. PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    Your cassus belli is pathetic. You have plenty of ports.... The only valid reason you have for your aggression is that you are bored or you are too scared to fight the big bad USA.
  3. PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    That is what I was going to say. Need resources? Go look in your 90 other ports you bloody english dogs! Like two more ports in Swede territory is going to make a difference.
  4. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    Player vs Tower is super boring, I agree. Until proper land is added, these battles are serious snoozefests unless a ton of players show up to defend.
  5. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    Did you read his post? Slamz just said that in order to prevent people from getting bored you have to do stuff that is fun (logically). Sitting around and being peaceful is no fun. Making risky plays, geting in huge battles, and exploding are fun. The issue is entirely with the leadership. YOU need to get off your ass and get your clan into an all out war. If you do little battles once a week and stuff, then yes, people will get bored and leave. You need to change it up. Make a risky play. Do something that is challenging. Try to take a florida port. Go after the east coast. Do something FUN. You have the perfect map position to do pretty much anything you want! Bloody hell mate, stop whining that there is nothing to do and go organize an attack on Yank's jugular. It isn't rocket science.
  6. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    When the faintest aroma of a even fight blows across the wind, the brits jump in their cutters. The point of the cutter strategy is not to die en masse to frigates. The point is to try to hit targets that are alone and weak. That is guerilla tactics 101.
  7. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    Two days of fighting and they have already given up on head to head engagements in favor of cutters.
  8. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    If you like shooting cannonballs at players more than you like waffling about your rank and fighting bots, then maybe France is the nation for you. Also, I am american and what not, but snails with garlic are delicious.
  9. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    Leave it to the Danes to put a fight. It is always the little guys that know how to have a good time. Battle lasted for 1:15:00. It was damn close for a while. I tried to demast, and gave up. After a long while of dancing with him I went for his bow sprit and eventually destroyed it. He lost speed and I opened the distance and took his other two masts with my longs. After that I had to kill a stationary but mostly full health trincomalee. He kept only showing his bow but eventually I worked down his starboard and sunk him. He played a very good game.
  10. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    Yet you just said you haven't done any pvp with the US in weeks in Global chat.... lol what is it mate?
  11. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    Asking the real questions, as always.
  12. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    No kidding. You seem to talk more than you play.
  13. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    Holy giant picture batman
  14. France Declares Unrestricted Naval Warfare On Britain (PVP2)

    OMG isn't all of France, but honest I couldn't care less. I just want something to do. More meat into the meat grinder
  15. PVP2 French (OMG) & Swedes (BORK) gank or extort

    To the West Indies Squadron, It seems to me that the root of the quarrel in Puerto Rico is based around the utter disorganization the Royal Navy is riddled with internally. The primary fear of many French captains is that a brazen British Admiral may direct his cohorts into French Republican waters. The French are just now finishing off the last invader of our land. While many French captains and crews itch for more combat, the average colonial citizen is weary from occupation by pirate slavers and criminals. If the general public had peace of mind that another invasion was not imminent, then mayhaps they would call for the liberation of Louisiana from our former American allies. The primary and most pressing concern is the security of our borders. The Swedish front is stable and peaceful, but the meddling of the Royal Navy means that our ports are still at risk. While your intentions may be peaceful at heart, we can't trust the Royal Navy as a whole, due to the rampant disorder. A colony you subjugate with a lawful cassus belli, may later be used by a less admirable squadron as a logistical base for piracy and pillaging. Unless you can rid the Royal Navy of the backstabbing buccaneers in hiding, you cannot be trusted by the Republic of France. In light of these raiders, vagabonds and warhawks in your ranks, the prudent choice of action for France is create as much distance as possible from the Royal Navy. Just as it would be a rash decision to stand near a smoldering powderkeg, it would be a folly to let the Royal Navy sail anywhere close to French waters. I would much rather watch the inevitable conflagration from a reasonably secure distance, preferably behind a sturdy partition. This line of thinking is the reason the French Republic is in favor a free Denmark-Norway and Sweden. Sincerely, Captaine de Vaisseau Michel de Toulouse.
  16. PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    What a fight! Now that the pirates ports are no longer a threat down south, I think you will be seeing more French ships to aid your righteous cause. Also, something that is annoying. Every large faction always tries to stay that they are " the 2nd or 3rd largest on the server". You can't all be second or third largest you muppets. The USA and UK are about the same size if you ask me so stop whining that you are the little guy getting pushed around when you clearly aren't. The Swedes, and French and possibly the pirates are easily the most PVP experienced factions in the game right now. You Brits and Yanks have a lot of catching up to do if you want to close the experience gap. You might have the ships, but as SoulPYTHON's sreenshots clearly show, you can't sail them worth a damn.
  17. PVP2 French (OMG) & Swedes (BORK) gank or extort

    I mean OMG did go french but saying we are helping the remaining pirates is a farce.
  18. PVP2 French (OMG) & Swedes (BORK) gank or extort

    haha wut? The french and pirates joined together? Open your eyes mate. We have taken all their ports in the last couple days.
  19. I actually cried when I read this. I'll just post this here
  20. PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    The British aggressors took Spanish town from the swedes. They have made their position clear.
  21. PVP2 US. We got our butts kicked but good fight Brits.

    Butt kicked? Only one ship sank!
  22. PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    Oh you are just nitpicking. *facepalm*
  23. PvP 2 The British Aggression against Sweden

    "Our entire fleet". Many of us were in the south last night. You had 1 french clan and the swedes. Many of us were around Guayaguayare in the port battle.
  24. PVP 2 US sucker punch the french

    I for one, have a healthy intake of PVP activities