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    sorry for some of us people who work losing ground each day is not a option also if u have to split ur time between tradeing (another valid play style but gains no xp....) and grinding your gonna force alot of people out of the game
  2. lol i guess i think clan first not nation first but if u know me i am all for my nation as well. but rather sell my iron for 10% profit to clan but if i do that currently with the public system a random player in my nation gets it instead. i ant aganist that but i rather i can put say 30% of my production towards clan needs 70% towards nation needs. but right now it is set yo 100% national needs. at least with a clan auction i can place items on sail for clan members and if i am not online they can still get the items.. i already spend nearly half my life ingame i need some sleep....
  3. i would like to note that if a port is defended or not is up to the defender not the attacker. who is to say that you cant capture 8 or 12 defended ports in a single day. that is a assumption. still records are there to be set and beaten so i would rather hear of those interested in beating records and what records are set.
  4. nice so we got the titile holder to be the PVP1 Danes with 12 ports in 1 day so PVP2 is coming 2nd place will be nice to hear from PVP3 to see if we hold 2nd place or get regulated to 3rd
  5. yes saying you took 20 ports in a day requires some proof as ours is easy to prove as it just happened. but yes if you have nothing more constructive to add maybe go to another thread and troll that. this is a thread for all 3 servers not a lord roberts cry fest. i am asking about who has taken most ports per server not how they were taken.
  6. Hi all i was just wondering what the port capture records are for each of the servers. Currently i only know the US PVP 2 server which has resently been set at 8 ports in 1 day by the french. but i do wonder what records the other servers hold and what country holds them and if the PVP 2 server currently holds the Naval action record or if we are in 2nd or 3rd place. call it a nice way to have a Raivaly between servers & nations on each server.
  7. lots of intresting statments in this thread hahaha. 1. i can only plan these operations around the enemys defense times. so if you dont like my tactics of hitting you when you set your port timers i realy cant help you. 2. i am unaware of any ports being hit outside the 2hr window they have to be hit. i feel you are confuseing these events with us continueing our Op into the zone after the port window by captureing the last 3 ports that had no windows at all. so no exploits were used on my watch. we have noted that there may be a option to do this but it was seen as a exploit and has been outlawed in the french nation to prevent slander of us using exploits as you have thus attempted. 3. 12 pirates went French from OMG. no nother pirate clans came over. 2 pirate clans went brit and 1 went Dutch unsure where the rest went. 4. where have we gained players from??? acutaly we are been getting them from all over as more and more players on the server become to like the apeal of playing a underdog who has spirt and unity. we also have a vigerus recruitment/Propagana merchine that helps us gain some players. we also just recently had some sweeds move across as they felt working with us to kick out the brit threat would be easyer then fighting as 2 seprate forces. it pains me that they had to do this due to the lack of a proper allance system that would allow us to enter port battles together but them are the brakes. 5. Blitz Vs Zerg VS tactics... a blitz as has been said has larger higher level forces move forward at fast speed taking ports at unparreled speed (not what we did) a zerg is a Massive force able to fill 4-5 port battles at once and overwelm a enemy (yet again not what we did) Tactics is where you use the limited resources you have to best advantage... (this is what we did) the first Night of operation Snaper i beleive we had a total of 28 players (not all there at once) so we split into 2 fleets to try and cap multipal ports at once. this is risky as if the brits came in with any ships at any one of those port battles the result would be any ones guess. but you have to work with the tools you have. as it was we almost only got 2 ports the first night. it was lucky that the brits and danes took down our main battle fleet and our 2nd fleet was able to protect the flag carrier long enought for the plant... alot of good ships died getting that flag into place... the 2nd flag was sent in a fleet of 2 ships with little hope it would get throught the dane picket... it was pure luck they got thru and we were able to finish our port battle and reach the port battle in time to get in and finish off that last port. funny thing is that the 2nd night of operation snaper we had way less players on and were still able to pull it off. 6. i cant always promise that i will do tactics that you or my fellow frenchmen will like but i can say if you put ur port timers on your prime time you will have every chance to defend them but i will still work to make sure the chances of our victory are high. 7. if you think france is just omg you will continue to underestermate us.. me thats fine i will continue to make you pay for your follys. 8. why the Brits think they were helping the danes and sweeds what the french have done HAS HELPED THEM.... so i feel if you look at the 2 solutions side by side the French Solution is better on all counts. the danes and sweeds have a area to work in unfretted by outside infulances and have some friendly French open world PVP ontop. all in all i feel the french have done more to sustain this games growth then any other nation. we avoid attacking smaller nations then us unless in self defense and we are willing to fight both the major zergs in US and Britian.
  8. 1 edit to the agreement is that we dont need Frederiksted and its up for danes or sweeds (think danes took it already) open world PVP is encouraged taking ports in this zone (other then danes and sweeds) will be met with force from the french. there are plenty of Free ports people can work out of to harris any of the nations that operate in this area (brit/french/dane/sweed/pirate) also somthing to note. France now holds the new server record for most ports caped in 1 day. we beat our old record of 7 by 1 and the new record is now 8 ports in 1 day. not sure if that is the beats the EU records or not but we are damm proud of it...
  9. ok realy getting to the point with this new production system that clans need some love. right now i have to sell my products at higher rate on the open auction when i rather sell some higher on open and some lower for clan uses. we finaly have the abilty to make our own resources so we should have the options to sell within our clans to make ship building cheaper for our clan members. also we should also be able to put up Ships to sell inclan for cheaper and actualy have a clan player buy it then randomly filling another national player needs. i know this is just a basic system in clans why they work on the new land systems but realy the clans need some love as well. its anoying haveing to meet up with every one in captial to do manual sales or trades just to make sure your keeping your own clan supplied when i could spend that time ether leveling or hualing more resources up. Banking system should be easy enought setup a system that you can donate resources and cash to clan bank and allow only Officers and above to take out resources and limit gold to buying conquest flags. think that covers most needs and prevents the issues of clan leaders runing off with every ones gold as has been the only sumbling block i seen posted on here. so lets stop argueing and push for some changes that will benfit the whole clan community
  10. come on guys right now 1 clan can start a war with another country all on there own. then if no one dose any thing that country could be totaly distoryed in reprisal. the fact you cant have a allance with another nation in this game is a joke. and to say it should be run by a AI who has no clue as to what the people playing the game feel is also a joke. the fact that a clan feels it needs to rebel is also funy. and like anotehr said if you want anarchy Pirate is the faction for you. never did Squadrons attack a random nation to pick a fight why there queen/king back home had allied with them. Goverment is the only fair way to do this and would allow for future elements like Settlement development. and if you dislike the current goverment it just means you need to work on kicking them out. with the new building patch making it so you need outposts in national towns to build production buildings this will work perfectly into my plan for Lord Protector voting system. we all gonna need to make outposts in a town thus become its "Citizens" i beleive all Citizens derserve a right to vote for there lord protector. with this system no 1 clan can control the rest unless they get the votes and truly if another clan cant get even 1 town under there control to vote the other way then realy cant say much there... but yes i get nations coming to me all the time wanting to formalize some form of relations but we cant do it because of rogue clans. now if you could kick the clan from your faction it would be fine but you cant. so the only other choice is to have somting that prevents them from interfering with the deplomacy of the realms. rember no 1 clan can force a peace so 1 clan should not beable to force a war ether...
  11. We have met the enemy and engaged them at long last we have found MOB!!! LMN decided we would pop over for some training exercises ver some US players to provide a little excitement to there normally just PVE exercises. our first day of ops was met with no resistance so in order to see if we could find any US players we thought we would hit a little further our and baby we struck OIL!! our little shallow water invasion fleet crossed fro Orleans over to San Jose to see if we could draw out some newbies for a little bit of shallow water port battle... we were met by a 3rd rate, 2 cerbies, 1 suprise and a Snow. the snow tried to tag us but BR stoped him but that 3rd rate oh ya taged us all. our fleet consisted of 11 Navy brig/merc/snows. must say it was better then we were ever expecting to see there and we were damm happy that MOB and some other US players decided to turn up. thought we would need to get all the way down to south florida before you would come out. this battle was quite exciting for me personally as i was the flag carrier and boy did i get some love. some how useing the wind in my favour i was able to survive long enough for us to kill the 3rd rates escorts then we got down to Business of killing us a 3rd rate by the end of it we had a number of ships injured who retreated from the battle only to find a coney and the people we had already killed were awaiting our exit. so a 2nd battle promptly ensued sadly i missed this battle but i heard it was as exciting at the first. after a long 45 mins we finaly sunk the 3rd rate proving once again that a smaller ship can beat a larger foe after getting out of that battle we found quite the US fleet awaiting our return so we ran for the hills sadly we lost another snow on the retreat but he killed a snow but could not take on the under crewed 3rd rate as well. latter that night a small US strike force of 4 ships assaulted our Orleans staging platform to prevent us coming to play again and why only 1 of our guys could get to that battle he was able to sink 2 ships before being forced to retreat. at this point we knew more was coming so we tried to get more French across but telport timers can limit even the best of us so we could only defend with 2 ships in the 2nd battle which turned out to be st pavel 3rd rate triny and 2 other ships. this battle was also promtly lost. but then US got a little greedy and went for constance.... some more of our Aussies had answered the call and was able to intercept the snow fleet marching on our city holding them in the bay of Vermu sadly they could not hold down the flag carrier but were able to slow the fleet down enough for some more of us to telport over. as our heavy ships needed to change to light ships i had to go in there alone with 2 cutters to hold for as long as i could vs these 5 snows. the battle was fierce and i had lost half my armour by the time reinforcements arrived but i was able with the towers help and my trusty cutters to hold the snows at bay at the first tower. at long last we were able to tangle with the enemy and we French were Excited to get some blood for the loss of our towns. by the time all the reinforcements had arrived i was down to 1 bar armour on both sides and doing my best not to sink but i was getting back into the battle when suddenly a firesnow rammed me and exploded taking our my crew and a merc right next to me it was awesome move and my respect goes out to that captain for his steady determined aim to take me down. it was all over but the shouting and France was able to quickly rap it up not long after this. all in all a very exciting day in the golf. thank yo MOB for coming out and fighting with us you have done you nation proud. i hope this helped lighten your day of tedius PVE griding
  12. yes and attack the FRENCH!!! lol JK
  13. so in a perfect world i would like for the Govenor to be voted in by the Lord protectors then set his cabnet up from said lord protectors and those lord protectors being voted in by people with a vested intrest in those ports. if a port gets taken they then lose that vote thus it becomes inportant for all people cocerned to protect there voting rights. also limits any major clan taking over the server goverment easly. all that would be needed is a 51%+ vote and the lord protector or govenor would be decided. and if they ever do bring in the option to modifie towns to build them up or increase production a form of goverment would be very useful. regarding tax system i feel the gold would be spend on Upkeep costs for towns and Inproving towns Economic output. but i also feel the gold should not be able taken out and used by players. this would allow for a system that if a nation is large they have to cover the upkeep and they also have to consider which town is worth more upgrades in defence or economic above another. these would make for jucy targets for the enemy. truly there is alot that can be done in this area. hell there could be just a budget of gold that gets spread thru the ports based on a % that the Tresure sets then its up to the lord protector to use that for Defense upgrades or economic upgrades.
  14. hmm i have thought long and hard on this and there are lots of issues with currently suggested plans. 1. Players of a certain rank should be the only one to vote.. no good as what is a fair rank? 2. all players should get 1 vote.... no good with the amount of Alt/Spys this is just not gonna work. (vote rigging any one?) 3. voting for national relations by normal players.. not good ether as a true nation has diplomates who work on these allances in back rooms these people should be able to keep there word and not require a vote in order to make a agreement so i have come up with a few options that i feel may work and some that are options for how those options should work please note the * represents my prefered method Option A. Goverment* will allow for alot more ingame depth down the road if there are national taxs or requriements for upkeep of ports and the buildings in them IE a goverment may decide 1 port is more inportant then another thus Increase the defenses of that port. this opens up the national options alot. Structure of a a goverment 1. Govenor 2. Tresurer 3. Forign Affairs Option B. Lord protectors Vote on relations between differing nations. (please see section on how Lord protectors get into office) Option A Sub Section How a govement is formed Option 1 All port lord protectors get 1 vote for the governer and the other positions (can only vote for confirmed Lord protectors) Option 2* All port lord protectors Get 1 vote for Govenor who then apoints Tresurer and Forign Affairs portfolio to lord protectors of thier chooseing (can only vote for Confirmed Lord protectors) How to Vote in Lord protector Option 1.* in order to vote for or be voted for person must have a Outpost in the town to become a lord protector. those who take the port are just encumbant lord protectors till vote happens. (this will provent 1 clan from being lord protector of every port as the cost to do so and the limitations on how many outposts u can have would prevent this from being abused) Option 2. players must travel to port in order to make a vote any one wishing to apply to become lord protector has to pay 50k for the aplication. (issue here is big clans could afford the 50k easy and get there players to zerg the port to win the vote)
  15. Lack of a abilty to set a national ally or a notional enemy is a weakness currently in this game as any one clan can dictate national policy that may be contray to the rest of the nations views. this is not a good thing look at the brits on PVP 2. they are fighting the US in a death Struggle but random clans are now attacking the sweeds and the spainish. that makes no sense from a stratigic view point. but if you leave it all open then thats whats gonna happen. you could also at this stage re roll as your enemy then attack there allies and nabours then reroll back to your nation and look suddenly your enemy is in total colaps because every one is attacking them. this "flaw" in the game is a dangerus one and needs to be patched out with a formal system.
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