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  1. Several people from each nation are now hitting the highest rank and as time continues more and more 3rd rates or higher will become more common. I like the point in the game now where seeing a 1st rate is pretty rare and something to behold and if these become extremely common like they will soon enough then they will just become the new third rate. I think having the highest level ship have only 1 durability does help this. XP depreciation will also give incentive to max rank players incentive to continue to do missions and play the game. To combat this I would recommend that upon
  2. At some point in the future there will be a wipe. XP and Crafting xp are the only safe items currently. However I think we need to think about the national economics of some of the things that could be wiped from the game. Resources, Ships & Materials- Wiping out these would really hurt the current economy. One of these wouldn't be so bad, two of these would cripple, and all three would probably lead to some players just putting the game down till everything gets normalized for a few weeks, Currently there are ship queues for several of the larger ships extending out weeks and these a
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