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  1. Show us a battle the you won when you didnt have more than +2000 br on em oh great organisational skills there roberts letting the scrubs bring thier ai cutters...
  2. Yup TCF and WIS have atlast resorted to only sailing cutters against us but i suppose losing that many trincs and 3rd rates in 3 days will do that to people, atleast they held out 1 day longer than the pirates
  3. You have never made us mad in anyway Roberts because the only way you could do that is actually beat us in an engagement which you have yet to do, the only emotion you invoke is pity
  4. Dont know where you are getting your information from but we are the reason the pirate coallition in the antilles (you know thew ones that raped you) fell, only took 48 hrs of non stop murder at camp du roy and that was after (and the reason why) we went french
  5. I remember distinctly when sob organised 3 factions against aves and still lost but hey keep thinking you are worth a damn roberts
  6. No salt at all actually, last time i saw Sob they were all sinking and dead men cant talk so.....
  7. We don't really see you as people roberts so your view is irrelevant
  8. In light of the unchecked eastward expansion of british forces into the upper antilles under the guise of liberating former british colonies, multiple treaty violations and the occupation of french colonies in haiti the free french government have decided to unleash its battle hardened forces. ALL ships sailing under the british banner are henceforth fair game for all french forces wherever they might be. May god have mercy upon you as no frenchmen will. Vive Le France
  9. "Many British Captains find it deplorable that the Danes have been subjected to conquest by the British and Swedish in equal measure." It is your clan that is buying the conquest flag for these ports
  10. Another brit "liberation" fleet sank http://imgur.com/VX3uGyk
  11. A. makes you sound like a bitch which proves my point that you should be on the pve server B. the brits are allied with the danes (you) against the swedes so if you want to go have a cry somewhere go have to the danish leadership that got you into this mess and also maybe the brits who couldn't keepe thier end of a treaty. Oh and all those brits are dead aswell
  12. A.there is a pve server if you dont want to get ganked B. We wouldnt be up here ganking if the brits weren't trying to run the swedes out of town
  13. its a shame the brits havent learnt not to sail west past haiti yet
  14. well wether you like it or not you are going have to learn how to survive out of freeports within then next few days....
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