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  1. USA Clan on Caribbean PVP Server [FAIL] Delusions of Grandeur is recruiting! Timezone: U.S. (Mainly 8pm EST - 1am EST) and earlier/later for weekend operations if planned. Contact us to join! TwoBeardz (in game name), send me a forum message or mail in-game and we'd be happy to invite you to our discord to chat. What we are looking for: A select few players to fill our ranks to have a tight knit PvP oriented group capable of open-sea PvP and joining the nation for RvR as well. With a small group, this means you would have more influence and weigh in on clan activities. We
  2. o/ Returning to the game from quite some time away. Looking to get back into the swing of things and normally play at 10 pm EST, looking for a US TZ pvp oriented clan. Used to run a clan back in the early days and fleet command if that would be beneficial =).
  3. This is worthy of a forum posts these days eh...forum taunting strong
  4. Victory> all ... Thank you for flying Royal Dutch Airlines
  5. she is capable of being at the bottom of the ocean is what I gathered
  6. the pond in your backyard isn't an ocean brother
  7. We derka killed the victory since it means more than our whole fleet of captured 3rds - could have Rick rolled those sailing abilities and let your victory escape. Victory>life
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