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  1. USA Clan on Caribbean PVP Server [FAIL] Delusions of Grandeur is recruiting! Timezone: U.S. (Mainly 8pm EST - 1am EST) and earlier/later for weekend operations if planned. Contact us to join! TwoBeardz (in game name), send me a forum message or mail in-game and we'd be happy to invite you to our discord to chat. What we are looking for: A select few players to fill our ranks to have a tight knit PvP oriented group capable of open-sea PvP and joining the nation for RvR as well. With a small group, this means you would have more influence and weigh in on clan activities. We used to run a large group, that's not something that interests us at the current time, we'd rather have a small group that we know how to sail together and join other nation clans to assist in larger operations. What we do currently: Currently, we just transferred to U.S. and came back to the game from leading a large pirate clan in the early days (Crimson Flotilla, the ol Ave's pirates, when Ave's was not a free town) Group Missions (Grinding Gold for our max rank shipyard, shouldn't take too long) Open Sea PvP Adventures RvR, coming soon Shipbuilding What we can offer you: Training, we've played and lead port battles (back in our time) and have found the recipe for leveling again, almost max rank after about a month of casual play. Group Play - it's more fun together and in comms. Nation Teamspeak & Discord Tight knit group, we also play other games Ships, we are making them for you, we only ask that you help contribute resources (which we can teach you). Casual, yet also competitive, we don't like losing and want to improve off of failed battles. We aren't going to rage out, but we definitely want to improve in PvP. We used to play this game a bit too hardcore and don't want to burnout 😃
  2. o/ Returning to the game from quite some time away. Looking to get back into the swing of things and normally play at 10 pm EST, looking for a US TZ pvp oriented clan. Used to run a clan back in the early days and fleet command if that would be beneficial =).
  3. This is worthy of a forum posts these days eh...forum taunting strong
  4. Victory> all ... Thank you for flying Royal Dutch Airlines
  5. she is capable of being at the bottom of the ocean is what I gathered
  6. the pond in your backyard isn't an ocean brother
  7. We derka killed the victory since it means more than our whole fleet of captured 3rds - could have Rick rolled those sailing abilities and let your victory escape. Victory>life
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