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  1. Roberts has gone from mildly annoying and someone to laugh at, to down right insulting people. Act your age mate... I can't believe this has to be said. As for the topic. I agree with PURGE and OMG. If you want to keep players around you need to have fun. The current port battle mechanics are reinforcment mechanics are the biggest preventors of fun from happening and I don't think any patch will be a "major content update" until those issues are addressed because currently they are the most unfun and cause 95% of arguments and disputes on the forums. I agree that the grinding i
  2. Your cassus belli is pathetic. You have plenty of ports.... The only valid reason you have for your aggression is that you are bored or you are too scared to fight the big bad USA.
  3. That is what I was going to say. Need resources? Go look in your 90 other ports you bloody english dogs! Like two more ports in Swede territory is going to make a difference.
  4. Player vs Tower is super boring, I agree. Until proper land is added, these battles are serious snoozefests unless a ton of players show up to defend.
  5. Did you read his post? Slamz just said that in order to prevent people from getting bored you have to do stuff that is fun (logically). Sitting around and being peaceful is no fun. Making risky plays, geting in huge battles, and exploding are fun. The issue is entirely with the leadership. YOU need to get off your ass and get your clan into an all out war. If you do little battles once a week and stuff, then yes, people will get bored and leave. You need to change it up. Make a risky play. Do something that is challenging. Try to take a florida port. Go after the east coast. Do som
  6. When the faintest aroma of a even fight blows across the wind, the brits jump in their cutters. The point of the cutter strategy is not to die en masse to frigates. The point is to try to hit targets that are alone and weak. That is guerilla tactics 101.
  7. Two days of fighting and they have already given up on head to head engagements in favor of cutters.
  8. If you like shooting cannonballs at players more than you like waffling about your rank and fighting bots, then maybe France is the nation for you. Also, I am american and what not, but snails with garlic are delicious.
  9. Leave it to the Danes to put a fight. It is always the little guys that know how to have a good time. Battle lasted for 1:15:00. It was damn close for a while. I tried to demast, and gave up. After a long while of dancing with him I went for his bow sprit and eventually destroyed it. He lost speed and I opened the distance and took his other two masts with my longs. After that I had to kill a stationary but mostly full health trincomalee. He kept only showing his bow but eventually I worked down his starboard and sunk him. He played a very good game.
  10. Yet you just said you haven't done any pvp with the US in weeks in Global chat.... lol what is it mate?
  11. OMG isn't all of France, but honest I couldn't care less. I just want something to do. More meat into the meat grinder
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