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  1. Reinforcement zones

    The reinforcement zones are not about protecting players - they're about protecting nations from being camped to death. It doesn't matter what your rank is if 6 enemies are sitting outside port waiting to jump on you.
  2. Reinforcement zones

    Working as intended. Hunt elsewhere.
  3. Promoting more PVP

    unfortunately via gankfest, which isn't really something to promote.
  4. NPC escort, novice, newbie

    You can't fight warships with traders. What you need is to not get caught in the first place. As for "cargo insurance", I think at this point you'd be looked upon as a poor "insurance" risk and the "insurance premiums" would be beyond the profits you could generate. If that were not the case you could be profitably "self-insured" and it wouldn't be necessary. Just work on not getting caught in the first place.
  5. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Doesn't the Mortimer Daily Tribune carry a PSA advising captains that the area is to be avoided?
  6. Stuck in a port with fleet but not enough crew

    Good to know! thanks
  7. Stuck in a port with fleet but not enough crew

    You don't need an outpost to put your ship on sale?
  8. Stuck in a port with fleet but not enough crew

    I have 17 dock slots and 21+ ships. (even after selling many of them off) I love all my ships. I don't think I could survive with just 16!
  9. Stuck in a port with fleet but not enough crew

    It would be nice to be able to either Trade the fleet ship or put it on sale directly from fleet interface tab - rather than to have to destroy outposts & ships to make new outpost and dock space to unfleet the ship to do the same.
  10. Gunners and Gunnery Sergeant Stacking?

    Does anybody know if gunners upgrade stacks with gunnery sergeant upgrade, and would it be the full bonus added for each?
  11. Do French/British Gunners and Gunnery Sergeant stack? (It seems like they should...)
  12. France lays Claim to Dominica

    Also laying claim to Mississippi, but naturally nobody cares about that place...
  13. Rig / Hull - Diminishing Repairs

    Mebbe, I'm a noob
  14. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    I currently voted Portagee, for some variety
  15. Gunners and Gunnery Sergeant Stacking?

    Neither of those would add up to 25%
  16. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    If the 3rd Rates weren't in the poll I'm sure Wilhelmina would get lots of votes
  17. Rig / Hull - Diminishing Repairs

    masts should only be repaired in port
  18. [Poll] Rum

    Question: Rhum? Answer: Yes, please!
  19. Polish players

    I'll bet you joined for the bigos and pierogi
  20. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    I asked this earlier and we were told the poll was just for one ship.
  21. POLL: A change in PvP mark distribution

    You are advanced admiral guru - I've probably made 20 million total since the Great Wipe of 2017 Creating good motivations to PvP remains a problem with this game. As long as it isn't exploitable why not throw a few carrots out there so people feel like they're getting somewhere as they're getting sunk, without them having to resort to seal clubbing? They're just forms of XP, not "trophies", and you will still be listed as "JobaSet sank <insert nation> player near Albuquerque" in the newspaper .
  22. POLL: A change in PvP mark distribution

    People would like some return on their time and effort investment. If you want people to take on more risk, there needs to be some reward, not just always grinding losing grinding losing grinding losing.
  23. [Poll] Rum

    Distributing large amounts of rhum should cause huge penalties as the crew gets more and more drunk.
  24. Safe Zones OP?

    You've been trolled What does it matter to you if other people sail in their capital waters? If you're attacking people who aren't interested in the fight, that's just shooting fish in a barrel. Reinforcement zones aren't just about "new players". They're about stopping the capital camping nonsense, where some groups were trying to make entire nations quit the game. "max rank" doesn't mean squat if fleets with several times your BR are waiting to jump you right outside of port.
  25. Safe Zones OP?

    You aren't supposed to be tagging in the reinforcement zones. At all. That's the whole point.