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  1. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Flags Flags Flags

    Pirates are not a nation....any pirate can use any flag
  2. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Replace EU Trader with new mechanic

    Do we still have any EU traders on the test server?
  3. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I think that the DEVS has succeeded in terms of the Alts a real coup, from which in the end even all the players could benefit, which feel partially annoyed by the Alts. I share the opinion of the other people in this thread that the absolute number of ALTs will even increase. It sounds paradoxical, but I think that some of the negative aspects of playing Alts are diminished. Currently, many players have eco-ALTs. These ALTs are provided with funds by the main account so that they can jump around in the foreign nation and buy goods here and there that are missing from their own nation. In the future, this will not be so easy, because every jump costs the ALT a doubloon. The daily tour of an ALT through many cities to renew the contracts is very expensive, because the doubloons for the jumps must come from somewhere. If in doubt, the main account will now earn the doubloons, which then uses the Alt account to jump. This takes time, and I have my doubts that every player wants to spend the whole day farming Dublons for his ALT, so that the ALT funny jump around. I am very curious how this develops and I hope that such old-fashioned things as the trade with real life fellow players is promoted
  4. Hellmuth von Mücke

    My port, my monopoly.

    It does not have to stay with the 10%. Let's assume HRE manages to buy 80-90% of the Cartagena Tars from its own port. The next step must then be to build the upgrades yourself, even if you do not need them yourself and then sell them at the highest possible prices in La Tortue, KPR or Mortimer. The laziness of people has always been the most money to earn. Who controls Cartagena or a similarly important port (Esteros, Little Harbor, Oranjestadt), has actually a license to print money. It just requires a few people to do that job.
  5. Hellmuth von Mücke

    My port, my monopoly.

    Sorry but I use the Google Translator, but I hope you can understand it anyway. Anyone who claims here that as a port owner, I can not control who can buy which goods, either does not understand the contract system or deliberately states the untruth in the hope of getting a game that is not by nations, but by clans is determined. The reason why many people have Cartagena Tar are not the many Swedes ALTS, but because HRE is unwilling or unable to properly control the port. The advantage of a port owner is that he can hire contracts, and the resulting taxes re-flow to his own clan. So if an ALT enters a contract in Cartagena, it would be easy for any HRE player to beat that contact. The resulting costs for the hiring would flow immediately to the own clan, while the costs for the ALT player would be lost. He would now have to decide whether he would like to outbid the higher contract of the HRE player or not. In doing so, he runs the risk that the HRE player again outbid him and he has to accept again the loss of his tax. And this process could be repeated endlessly. Certainly such a control requires some work, to be attentive 24/7/365 will certainly not be easy. But to assert that it is not possible to control or decisively influence the outgoing goods in one's own port is simply wrong. But I also see it as content to properly manage a port. I can understand that this is a job that is not fun for a PvPler, but I still have not read anywhere that other players in NA should not have fun either.
  6. Hellmuth von Mücke

    My port, my monopoly.

    This clearly shows that you do not really understand the system of contracts. And besides, the clan conquers the harbor only for the nation to which it belongs. What you want is a clan-based game.
  7. Hellmuth von Mücke

    My port, my monopoly.

    This clearly shows that you do not really understand the system of contracts. And besides, the clan conquers the harbor only for the nation to which it belongs. What you want is a clan-based game.
  8. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    Sir, in a time of trader alts and the inability to economically control a port, a port like Grand Turk is hard to control. Already, 80% of the contracts in Blondel Cay and Grand Turk are likely to be from Alts. So I would not overestimate the economic importance of Grand Turk. Here is a small counter example. The ports of Parrot Cay, Ragged Cay and Port Howe provide more than 30 textile machines each day (with Trading Outpost 2). At the current purchase price this amounts to about 3.5 million. These machines can then be sold at three times the price in Mortimer Town, allowing the pirates to earn over 10 million. It will be hard to earn the same sum with Grand Turk.
  9. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    Two thoughts: a) You want to lead here in the forum serious peace negotiations? b) And in the current situation, pirates offer to swap Grand Turk for the Prussian-occupied cities of Mayaguana, Lorrimers, Parrot Cay, Watling, Ragged Cay, Deadmen's Cay, George's Town, Port Howe, Arthurs Town, Portillo and Puerto Nippe , Are the pirates sure that this should be peace negotiations and not an offer to accept a Prussian capitulation? I am curious which Prussian leader will accept such a peace.
  10. Hellmuth von Mücke

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    Without insulting anyone, I do not believe that Nsane will decide whether peace will be achieved. There should be much more important people / clans making decisions in both factions. And the PvP will indeed, as is common practice today, not be affected. 300/5000
  11. Hellmuth von Mücke

    War of the lovers revisited

    Playing with Banished in a nation is always exciting. There are few players who find it so easy to make enemies through its activity in the forum. But to his honor rescue, with ALOHA he already has a strong fighting troop behind him and they have already done a lot for the kingdom. The two sides of a medal ...
  12. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Crafters Need quality control

    I hope golden and purple ships should stay what they are, a stroke of luck
  13. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Join Prussia! Join Hansa!

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg, für den König und Preußen!
  14. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Economy rework needed

    Throughout the discussions I always have the feeling that people forget that 300-400 players are not really the number of players that can fit on the server. I can remember the times when we had 2000+ players and at that time it was impossible or not advisable to sail afk because in each bay some player was lurking. At the moment, it's really easy to make money because there are goods everywhere. But that could change quickly as the number of traders multiplies or as people hunt down traders. Solutions must be worked out that will work even if there are a thousand more people playing here. Unless you settle for a long time with 300 people.
  15. Hellmuth von Mücke

    Economy rework needed

    I can*t understand why all people always want to remove the Tradegoods. It would be more useful to complexity and content to give meaning to these goods. Of course this requires ideas and above all programming work. Ideas are lacking for me and other players, but I can't say what the programming resources of the devs look like.