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  1. Why? Because I would like an answer from people who know the game as they have created it. Thank-you for your reply. Thank-you. I didn't know if I was supposed to be Colonel for the rest of my career. Thank-you. Yes, that ìs a possibility. It would be nice to know though rather than speculate.
  2. I have compared UG Gettysburg with UG Civil War. 1. The graphics on UG Gettysburg are very much clearer. UG Civil War is blurred. 2. The little soldiers are bigger in UG Gettysburg. Why? PS. My Corps Commander always remains at the same rank, Colonel, which is the game level at which I have chosen to start. 3. The game level and the Avatar's rank should not be tied. PPS. Should I start a new thread for all these questions, DEVELOPERS?
  3. There you go! If English is not your first language communication can be even worse.
  4. Nice to see an expansion of UG Gettysburg. UG Civil War is definitely worth the money even in early access. Has no one said anything about the 'figures' being even smaller in UG Civil War than they were in UG Gettysburg? Is there any plan to increase them even slightly? I have tried adjusting the graphics options to no avail. I have new computer glasses but it still is a great strain on the eyes. It would be so nice to see the figures just slightly bigger and with uniforms appropriate to the Brigades. Thanks for the great work!
  5. One durability ships won't work for anyone for all the reasons listed above. There is no way anyone would risk a 1 dura. ship, without having a ready replacement first and even then not. Three durabiity ships should be the minimum. 3 to 5 durability is okay.
  6. It would be easier to understand what people write if they didn't use this infernal shorthand as if they were texting their friends on a cellular phone! Thank-you. Maybe, Naval Action 2's map is part of the projected European map to be additional to the Caribbean map, I think.
  7. When are they thinking of releasing it? Second half of 2017? 2018?
  8. That's one possibility; I don't see any probability.
  9. No, that's not it. Duh
  10. Thanks. How did you change the way he was facing?
  11. Olham, is your avatar John Austen?
  12. Me too. Ensign to Midshipman. (I deserve better! Just joking.)
  13. I like to see them as if on parade. After all, wargames is about colour, too. (I hate it that Attila Total War has muted colour in comparison to the colourful preceding games.)
  14. I grieve for your blindness. How do you play Naval Action when you cannot see? Seriously, though. Since the evidence as presented shows sailors, officers and marines in uniform--and other books on this subject also--why do you persist with this fantasy that 'technically' (whatever that means, maybe, you mean in effect) they wore no uniforms?
  15. LOOK! 18th Century sailors with UNIFORMS. Now, wouldn't it be nice if our crews were properly uniformed? Sailors, Marines, Officers on deck, all in uniform. What a nice touch, developers! Why not? (Thanks Destraex for the picture.)