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  1. How to capture enemy player warships then ?! We need to tow them with us in a fleet.
  2. Free ports can be used for the ships being "smuggled under the table". Perfect meeting spot for arms dealers with the latest fashions out of the foundries. Or highly sought resources.
  3. There's other Boards and Threads where you can measure your "sport". Do not clutter the discussion of the hotfix with off topic and other unrelated posts.
  4. Yes, there's a miscellaneous amount of mechanics that need addressing. We have no idea how Conquest will be given the devs still thinking about the hostility stuff. While the 46 hours seem benefic at first I do not think they worked well and driven ( same as full teleports ) to a "road to arenas". I still see the whole new open world as a return to proper screening action. 30 minutes cooldown, no teleports, and ( for good or bad ) no exit to port for BOTH nations, so the more responsability to screening fleets. After all you cannot have ships everywhere despite being able to TP to nation ports. A clan ( gameplay acting Station / Navy wing ) will be able to plan and cover accordingly but so will a decided attacker.
  6. You are presenting examples where teleport was active. Let's return to the time before TPs everywhere, as example of wars KOTO vs US, Dutch vs France, Dutch vs Sweden, Danes vs Sweden. You'd work with planning. You'd work with whomever was in the area to help to counter a squadron. Oh, you had to play with the Nation. ( we had no production building back then if you remember, all resources had to be contracted )
  7. Not counting the dozen of ships already made, as a reward for our interest in the EA of the game ( plan was 10 ships when Trials buyers got the game ) we also going to be presented with the Pandora I think it is pretty clear that we are going to be rewarded for it with both a good release and a nice ship for the collection. Let's stick to the topics of the hotfix. Please.
  8. There will be a OW battle and losses will mount for both sides. Conquest will be a planned thing. What I see happening is way more screening fleets from both sides having a absolute crucial part to play.
  9. Devs have been implementing community based ideas since the very first OW iteration. Let them do their own mind this time. We will have 3 game boxes instead of one.
  10. Regarding the PB issues, you have a Triangle effect. Wargame planning and battles --- durabilities lost --- time to replace lost ships --- I'm totally not seeing "risks" becoming irresponsible to the point of throwing yourself another durability into battle just...because... Valuable ships will need a purpose to be used - you won't throw away durability especially because they might be valuable for the Wargame of conquest or for some muscle in the OW. When you set yourself to conquest you will measure all possibilities and play for victory, including the retreat in case of a defeat. If victory is achieved, well you control the region you can setup a new "naval outpost". IMO teleports were simply not needed and we saw what they caused especially at the Conquest level if not at the raiding level.
  11. Everyone is deviating seriously from the Hotfix 4 topics. If you need to discuss something else, please do open an appropriate thread
  12. 30 minutes...too far away... 3 hours later... "What the ... are you doing in game ? Didn't you said you had no time and 30 minutes was too long a sail ?"
  13. Jus a off shot about games and how graphics / stats / perceptions can be really deceiving. This baby still played by several communities, solo players, and there's events happening on a calendar around the clock. Granted it is from a different age of game development where in game editors were a must. Nowadays not so much with some notable exceptions.
  14. Offtopic: absolutely no irony intended, I don't suffer the same "stolen toys" agonies of others - NA Sailaway mode seems like a hell of a proposal to me and many other simmers for sure
  15. Very solid and more so the suggestions. Tutorial must be a "keep it simple" scripted thing. Important thing to say is that the procedure you present here is the same for the PvP server and PvE server, no real distinction for the new player. That being said there's more and more players searching for HC / Ironman games or else the market wouldn't be filled with successful perma death perma loss products with only cosmetics to show how much a veteran a player is, nothing else.