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  1. #freequebec
  2. Wood resistance to fire means the fire won't spread as fast. The wood won't burn as fast. Fire chance is by shots hitting wherever gunpowder is. Magazine just happens to be a large gunpowder container.
  3. quoting someone "... if they are not taught to 'rush through the ranks' but forged in actual pvp fire from early on and make the most of the ships, small and big, not necessarily win, but taught how to survive so they can win..."
  4. Ah, a increase in anti-commercial opportunities. Finally.
  5. It's a wargame. War is always a good move. Excellent.
  6. pvp eu

  7. Ah ! That's a planning issue, not a mechanics issue Of course having mechanics that eliminate the need for planning "distance-time-resources" would make it everything accessible one click away but the reverse is taking away risk at every step or to actually having to "trust" your other players from the nation. ( honestly another issue with teleports is that is always the same groups to the conquest events eliminating all others from even being there ) @Cecil Selous posted a interesting thought in another thread. Select starting outpost on login. Rest remains at it is.
  8. That is a good point. Question Do you consider good or bad that you are open to attack when you are unwilling to be attacked ? How do you know for sure that you won't cross a enemy sailing out ? With teleport there is a assurance you won't be attacked. I see that as limitative as it removes half the pvp opportunities. You know, the ones where you are unwilling to pvp but the enemies are willing to pvp.
  9. Okay, let's look in a different perspective. A squadron of your buddies sailed to some area near a free port and is harassing enemies, attacking warships, invading missions, interdicting trade. All normal. Enemy assembles a fleet to bring them into battle and sails to the area and starts a battle. Your buddies shout for help. You hit teleport and sail out still in time to join the ongoing battle or to setup a post-battle-spawn-camp. Question: are you there or aren't you there ? I find odd that it can be both. It turns a planned war situation into a carefree warp jumps galore. ( and the no teleport system does limit to a point alt-ghost-fleet loophole ) Good discussion by the way.
  10. I mostly do my NA out of free ports. Always did. It was spectacularly easy with TP with half the risk. Now, we return to no teleports format, I need to plan my actions and cruises.
  11. I am just worried it seals off many opportunities, including and actually killing off enemy ships while they are making the traverse. It has been happening all the time. 4th rates doing the sailing to a staging area being attacked, production lines being raided and ships killed before they are born, squadrons being intercepted in chance encounters, etc.
  12. Yeah, raiding has its quirks... :\ ... but.... assemble the army ! Invade with a full fleet. Let them come.
  13. All nations have neighbors at their doorstep. Attack those.
  14. Captain, There are no sides in a Outlaw battle. It is a free for all. The scoreboard, in outlaw battles, is no indication of sides.