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  1. I can only add that as soon as the game is finished will all the bells and things,,,, it will be great. Now if mod would be allowed, I am no modder but hopefully any additions can be incorporated into the campaign. I have been waiting for such a game and finally there is one. Thanks and excellent work.
  2. I am currently playing this same scenario as the confederates....I have 3 corps with 3 divisions each and 5 brigades and not all the brigades are at full and my third corp is all green and have only 1000 man per .... I used this corp for the first portion and concentrated two divisions on the left side.. the other division I move it a little to the right side to keep the union forces honest ... I took the victory point on the first time slot.... when my second corp arrived, I move the division back to its corps and the second corp attacked the right side point...when my first corp and my best one arrive as the manuever corp, took henry hill no issue.
  3. Guys, thanks for suggestions.... made it through and now getting ready for Gaines Mill battle next year......
  4. Thanks Koro, I will look at this and see what can I use on my game.... and Rendevouz is the second mission if you play chronologically.
  5. I have a question with regard to the 3 missions before Gains Mills. I had played the union campaign to this point before the latest patch. With the new patch, I started again and up to Shiloh everything was smooth. I beat the confederates soundly in Shiloh, so I figure things will continue that way....boy was I wrong. So far, I have attempted the Secure the River and Rendevouz as the Union, I used my first corp which the divisions on that corp are max out to 2000 men. On the secure the river, the confederates forces, all of them have over 2500 men per brigade....it doesn't matter if the ironclad bombard the tree line, my 4 batteries of artillery concentrate on the center or a specific unit, I try to flank the trees from both sides while doing a faint up the center.... I can't get past this mission..... on the rendevouz, I am limited to one division, here the confederates have less men per brigade, but they have more brigades .... any ideas how to get past this two missions?
  6. I did the same, restarted my Union campaign and it is better as you can see the effects on weapons and manpower on the confederates after the results of a previous battle, especially if you win the previous battle soundly.
  7. that would be appropriate!
  8. Guys, the holidays are around the corner and we players will have plenty of time to enjoy playing our favorite game(s). With that in mind, is there going to be an update to the game as our Holiday present?
  9. Guys, any idea when more battles will be added to the game? Just a curiosity!
  10. I signed on into Steam last night and got the update. I continue to play my game as normal, then I checked the achievements but shows as if I have not played. I am currently playing the CSA in the Battle of Shiloh. My question, is does this update requires a new start to take effect? Or changes applied to save games? Thanks for the work, the game is addictive.
  11. Thank a lot, JJ. That is what I was thinking, but man, I saw those formations coming at my units and had to run back into the treeline to help with cover. I am having a blast with this game, hope when the final product comes out, it has more missions on both sides.
  12. Guys, I loved this game. I started the second major battle, the battle of Shiloh and have just one question. My regiments size as a union player have a max of 1500, but the confederate regiment size are upward of 2500 to 3000. Is this due to some choices during player setup (i.e. Army organization) or some other factor? So far, I finished holding my objectives on the first two parts of the mission, but my regiments are getting a beating.
  13. Ok,,,I will give it a try. After the 1st Bull Run, I still have around $200K in funds for another division and corp.
  14. I started a new campaign as the Union. Finished my tutorial mission and the Distress call. After the distress call mission I recruited a new division. As it happened, I had a 1 star General in reserve but when I created the new units, this General took over one of the regiments. Now, I finished the 1st Bull Run and the one star is now a two start. Can I make him the division commander? Is there a way to do that?
  15. HI, I bought Gettysburg and now purchase the Civil War, is there a way to combine both games if you owned them both?