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  1. Hi guys, one quick observation, when the patch came out, I was about to start the battle of Gaines Mills for the Union and after reading the notes, I decided to play the 3 small battles before Gaines Mills. What I have notice is that when you deploy your units in the deployment zone, specially on the secure the river mission, I wanted to use the boundary to move units up the hill, and on the previous patches you can move the camera back to see the boundary and your units. Now, the camera sits right on top of the boundary and you can't move back to allow a better view. Also if the revels move to the boundary as in rendevouz mission, units chasing them can fire you see the red arrows indicating the range but you can move the camera beyond that point.
  2. Awesome Nick! One question, are the changes made to the initial battles for both side on the customs battles, are also included on the campaings? And do you recommend to start a new game or will apply to save games. Thanks again.
  3. Jake4228.... that is food for thought. I might still try it to see if it can be done and above all how many soldiers I loose.... otherwise, set for day two and take it in a more organized matter as long as the troops remain where they arrive at the end of day one.
  4. Thanks Col_Kelly.... I will try it tonight..... push with the bulk of the 2nd wave, take a division run it on the boundary behind Gettysburg and shifting my troops from the left ridge and flank cementary hill once the Union in Gettysburg is busy with the assault from the 2nd wave.
  5. Good morning Gentlemen, I have a question regarding Gettysburg day one as a CSA. Started the battle with 3x Bde's and during the first hour, secure the the small ridge in front of the bridge and the ridge on the right side of the map with 1x Bde. My two other Bde's are pressing the fight to the ridge on the left. I just got my first set of reinforcements and I directed them to the ridge on the left. After getting my first reinforcements, I conquered the leftside ridge, routed several units. The Union received reinforcements and I still held the ridge and force them to retreat to Gettysburg. I left the game after receiving my 2nd wave on day one on the far left side of the map. I have to march them to Gettysburg to take the last hill, but the timer is just over 1 1/2 hours. The question is, can this battle be won on day one? I know I have the rest of my 1st Corp and my 2nd wave just arrive, but can it be done without going to day two? When the timer rundown, will this signify the start of day two?
  6. Awesome! Look forward to continue enjoying the game.
  7. Thanks a lot Nick.... this game is addictive. Just one question, when you say final phase for both the Union and Confederate, in terms of Civil War year, which Year you are referring to? And does include the Battle of Appomatox Court, which is where I believe Lee surrenders. Regardless, it is an awesome game!
  8. I agree with A.P. Hill..... I have a full time job and a family .... I do play this type games on my off time and while watching Champions League Soccer!
  9. Thanks for the info. The game is simply addicting.
  10. Hello guys, Just a quick question about the next update, do you know when it will be released? I am playing through the Union Campaign and starting Gettysburg. Would like to start the Confederate campaign with the newest version, updates and battles. Thanks for any info and keep up the excellent work. This game is everything I was hoping for.
  11. I can only add that as soon as the game is finished will all the bells and things,,,, it will be great. Now if mod would be allowed, I am no modder but hopefully any additions can be incorporated into the campaign. I have been waiting for such a game and finally there is one. Thanks and excellent work.
  12. I am currently playing this same scenario as the confederates....I have 3 corps with 3 divisions each and 5 brigades and not all the brigades are at full and my third corp is all green and have only 1000 man per .... I used this corp for the first portion and concentrated two divisions on the left side.. the other division I move it a little to the right side to keep the union forces honest ... I took the victory point on the first time slot.... when my second corp arrived, I move the division back to its corps and the second corp attacked the right side point...when my first corp and my best one arrive as the manuever corp, took henry hill no issue.
  13. Guys, thanks for suggestions.... made it through and now getting ready for Gaines Mill battle next year......
  14. Thanks Koro, I will look at this and see what can I use on my game.... and Rendevouz is the second mission if you play chronologically.
  15. I have a question with regard to the 3 missions before Gains Mills. I had played the union campaign to this point before the latest patch. With the new patch, I started again and up to Shiloh everything was smooth. I beat the confederates soundly in Shiloh, so I figure things will continue that way....boy was I wrong. So far, I have attempted the Secure the River and Rendevouz as the Union, I used my first corp which the divisions on that corp are max out to 2000 men. On the secure the river, the confederates forces, all of them have over 2500 men per brigade....it doesn't matter if the ironclad bombard the tree line, my 4 batteries of artillery concentrate on the center or a specific unit, I try to flank the trees from both sides while doing a faint up the center.... I can't get past this mission..... on the rendevouz, I am limited to one division, here the confederates have less men per brigade, but they have more brigades .... any ideas how to get past this two missions?