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  1. As a clan we thought due respect should be shown and given to the attacking nation by us at least being there. So the 2 of us from ELITE who were available set out to get there very early due to distance and headwinds. We arrived at location 10 to 15 minutes after the PB start hence we entered the PB as soon as we touched the inner circle for fear of missing the entry window. We were very surprised on the attacking numbers, as we had expected to go down fighting against massive opposition imbalance as a minimum or at least to be bounced by some of the [BLACK] Brethren on approach. However none of the latter made an appearance, we obviously tracked Longdong Latte outside on approach and were expecting him to tag us holding us out of the PB but obviously this did not happen. I would like to state we would of stayed to the bitter end either way and were a little disappointed when you guys escaped, but there is always next time. Fair winds....o7
  2. We had a long sail against the wind to make the PB hence we arrived just in the nick of time. We saw "Longdong Latte" outside and we were surprised he didn't try to tag us as you were already in the PB on your own. But that's how it goes sometimes. With the wind issue you appeared to be on the same tack as us initially on entry, we were averaging 3 knots?
  3. Norf, please pass on my regards. Hope he's keeping those teeth nice and clean I've spent hours polishing the newly made head mount in readiness for our next meeting. ;-))
  4. Good to see, hoping this will keep the committed followers interest up. Especially with some of the other stuff going on and coming to light game wise right now. Looking forward to getting on the dishing out side for a change, when RL allows. Fair winds all. Flipper