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  1. I'd say most of us come from playing a real sport "RUGBY" hence yawl always see us get up and have another go.
  2. Ahhh SC, those were the days when boats was cheap and so was the rum. I spent a lot of time dippin me toes in the water over those weeks great fun. As for the mission jumping seem to remember it was a sizeable mismatch, green connies vs a nasty santi and not the xmas kind lol. However Jobaset might have more 2 say...from memory a rather large run had come to a gurgling end on that event much to the chagrin of fellow [BLACK] members so I was told. As for our deranged despot leader, those that know us will I believe understand that we all have burdens to bare. He is hare brained and erratic but
  3. I am in absolute no doubt in regards to the dedication, skill of your clan or its members. I was purely referring to the obvious that when 2 strong personalities face off either physically mentally or in this case by pixel lol. In my experience the end result is a mix of infamous if not notorious moments. o7
  4. Now I've known a few ego's in my time. But this is gonna be fun watching play out. Have at it gents lmao
  5. Hurraaa, more drinkin and a fighting, drunken and a fighting. I'll make sure to pack me swim ware and goggles. Good luck and happy hunting all o7
  6. [ELITE] planned delaying entry by a few minutes so that you guys the [Brethren] would of settled into focusing your forces on circle B with the main Brit fleet. We surmised with where we expected the wind to be that the Brits would of likely capped circle C leaving some small initial holding force. Thus if we could get a clean run into circle A with the 6 of us. We could overpower by numbers the holding force you would have in circle A, then come up behind the [Brethren] in circle B forcing you to fight 2 sides. This worked as expected in regards to the run in and allowed us to assess you
  7. LMAO....sounds like a great fight wish I'd been about to rub it in.
  8. I tend to agree here. Without a challenge in the form of quality or quantity of enemies from other nation states including dare I say the un-mentional brethren. The map runs the risk of becoming stale and dead fairly quickly. When talking with clan mates I would say the common factor for enjoyment of the game is both the risk and reward side of things. Without the risk there can be no real sense of reward IE Satisfaction of a job well done.
  9. Hi all, Siegfried has kindly updated his map to include the region names and some missing ports. Siegfried does all this work on his own, so a friendly many thanks or wave to him appreciating his work is highly recommended. The link at the bottom contains the AutoCAD files required within a zipped folder. I have scaled and tested initial values for extremities only as per the previous version using AutoCAD 2018. The zipped folder is a 115MB containing three files. Folder size is due to the native .PNG file of the map provided by Siegfried which reduces imag
  10. [Belamy] As a former military man myself. I get what u say. However as I have said this adds content for me on a personal basis. Perhaps it should be a matter of choice, IE those who want position to be provided should be able to enable it. For me if the choice was there I'd prefer not to use it, but that's me. Fence sitter I guess, I have no opinion either way on what should and should not be available to others as its a personal preference to my mind.
  11. I totally agree. However for now we makes do with helping the devs in any little way we can. CAD for me allows me to add content myself for free. I'm no cartographer but I will take great pleasure personalising my map. I'll be using a layout per voyage leaving the original map in model. Thus I'll have a personal log as my experience grows. Cant wait to find my first "here be monsters" moment to plot.
  12. Have a look at Koltes thread map tools. You might find something interesting to have a look at
  13. After receiving the OK from Siegfried, who without his scholarly work and pure genius and skill this would not of been possible in such a short time. My hat's off to him and total respect given. I won't insult anybody's intelligence going into CAD use. There are many tutorials on you-tube for those who have not used it before. But for the basic things, functions guys will be doing. I am pretty sure if you can use paint YAWL (pardon the pun) be running in no time. I used AutoCAD2018 as I am most familiar with AutoCAD. I believe AutoCAD allow free download of version 2018 for both trial and stud
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