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  1. Taking the top picture from left to right the most left ship is the Admiraal de Ruyter SoL ( after refit, 90 guns, 1806) then we have the most famous Dutch ship the 7 Provinciën SoL (82 guns, 1665), can't tell because of the position of the ship and lack of features, the Venus ( 20 guns, 1806) and as last i don't remember that one
  2. Will there also the posibility to have 2 ship boarding one ship. back in the day it happend that 2 ships boarding but dont know of 3 ships
  3. and sharpshooters?
  4. and i think this would be pretty nice if have this because then u also need to know how to position your ship. Even back in the day some captains did on purpose showed their bow or stern to an (superior) enemy to negate their numbers in sailors and/or marines. it would give the game a game in a game and also make it more in depth instead of the 'balanced' sides were everthing except crew and moral is equal
  5. not only the 90's i believe even some games today use a simalair system to this
  6. And thank you for clearing up the flusdeck. I always confussed when to use it
  7. Well, according to records known of the 1694/5 variant she would have atleast got 12 more guns than the orignal of 1665. From this point it is speculation because of the lack propper plans. Steel and me had a discussion wether the ship would be of new design or based to a high degree on the old(1665) design. After the discussion and some research work from steels side, that the ship would be based in a lot of ways on the old design but that instead of a interrupted top deck it would have a flushdeck (makes sence because of the higher gun count), because of the time when the old(1665) was decommisioned in 1694 and the new brought to service in 1694/5, depending on the source, and include for shipbuilding at least 1.5 years prior the decisions to shipbuilding aprovement and she would have had different kind of decorations and/or colour.
  8. Do you reckon also make the 1694/5 variant bit more in timeframe. Steel and me have dicussed what might be the case with th 1694/5 variant 92/4/6 gun is, that she is the 7 Provinciën with no flush deck (if i say correctly)and might have some different decorations. Have been tracking your work for a while, nice job on the ships. numbers are depending on the source
  9. Maybe it is more refering to the total amount that have been lost during that time. I was nice enough to make a count of the PB losses Dutch/American/British Coalition lost 33 ships were Belize was the heaviest lost with 12 ships and the French/Spanish/Swedish/Danish Coalition lost 70 ships were Bridgetown was the heaviest lost with 24 ships. not including screening or ship rate
  10. Monday, Patchday, would be the best gift u can bring. Hopefully we also get a highly anticipated Land in PB and Dutch Ships. btw 5th of december is a Dutch national feast called Pakjesavond. With Sinterklaas and Black Pete. Bit like Santa Claus and his elfs
  11. Some one stole the Name the bastards u know Capt Bubbles for permission good luck
  12. no vid but a pic instead AKA Black Wednesday 30 November 2016 PB of Caracas and and the PB of Bridgetown
  13. what in some PB's is the case but i am also guilty as charged in that regard Bridgetown PB of
  14. With the PB idea u can more easily limit the allied nation to certain rolls for example light ships and light frigates (12 Pdr max) that is way i show this
  15. Well also the alliance system would be better if it was a bar-o-meter of some kind if u want war u have to make first raiding actions that can give u Causes Belli to attack eachother. and steels idea of PB is also a nice one The idea of Steelsandwhich of PB: The ships the attacker will have in current situation: 1st rates 25 The ships the defender will have in current situation: 1st rates 25 How do port battles look currently? So, let’s look at the goals in the ideal port battle. The inherent goal of the attacker is: Attacking the fortifications Taking the capture zones Destroying the defenders The inherent goal of the defender is: Defend the fortifications (optional) Defending the capture zones Destroying the attackers What features are in the port battle: Heavier fortifications Capture zones The raiding of resources (Only in raid battle, see end of post) Land in battles, including shallows. How does this look like in the battle itself? Land is green, shallows are lighter blue When including the fortifications and capture zones: Red circles indicate the zones, the yellow squares the fortifications So, what does this to the fleet composition? Fortifications -> Attackers will bring mortar brigs -> defender will bring frigates to attack mortar brigs-> attacker will bring frigates for defending the mortar brigs. Shallows -> Deep drafted ships can only operate in certain areas -> the usage of shallower draft ships. So, what does the fortification do to the fleet composition? The ships the attacker will have in current situation: 1st rates 17 Frigates 5 Mortar brigs 3 The ships the defender will have in current situation: 1st rates 18 Frigates 7 When shallows are taken into the calculation, the usage of 4th rates and 3rd rates will increase. The ships the attacker will have in current situation: 1st rates 10 3rd/4th rates 7 Frigates 5 Mortar brigs 3 The ships the defender will have in current situation: 1st rates 12 3rd/4th rates 6 Frigates 7 When raiding of resources is also taken into account, this will result in the following: The ships the attacker will have in current situation: 1st rates 10 3rd/4th rates 6 Frigates 4 Indiamen 3 Mortar brigs 2 The end result is a very tactical approach to a currently linear engagement. The attacker can position himself for the most optimal appoach, whilst the defender is incentivized to sally with the frigs to take down the MB's. Also the fleetcomposition plays a massive role in the strength in battle, no longer will 1st rate on dominate.The whole cat-mouse game starts there and then. For more extensive and detailed proposition regarding the draft of ships in this game, look here: http://forum.game-la...pshallow-ports/ Which would create a detailed spectrum in which PB can be split. Certain ports will allow up to 6, certain to 8, some to 5,5, others to 4. Not only will this diverse how ports are spread across the map, it will also create interesting combinations and even more variety besides the earlier described diversity incentive. could not find the proper link for it so had to copy it from the page