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  1. In Archaeological context, the dutch have whats called a whet context which means that a lot a of organic material are better preserved, for example wood and clothing
  2. It’s a bit of a weird topic, but I want to talk about a Dutch-Roman ship called de Meern 1. The ship is one of the few Roman ships that has not been found in a dumped state, the Meern 1 was lost during a storm between 150-200 after christ. The ship was most probably a maintenance-ship for the Limes Road in the Lowlands. Due the fact she was lost in a storm makes her one of the few Roman ships in which provisions, tools and personal items aboard is preserved. The Meern 1 The ship shows a nice insight in the lives aboard during that period in the Lowlands or Germania Inferior. The ship dates back roughly to the year 148 to 200. She was probably built as cargoship on the river Rhine but the fact that she has a captain's cabin suggests she has been converted to a maintenance-ship by the Romans . She was was a 25 meter long ship and 2.7 meters in width with a very shallow draft, 30 cm unloaded. She was a one masted ship with for the time a very common construction. The wood the used was mainly from the Eifel-area, but the bow and stern were made out of wood which could only be found near modern Zwolle and higher, whilst the ship dating is after the Roman said the Rhine is our border. This suggests that Romans had trade with tribes higher north of the Rhine. The Meern 1 has a construction which is very distinctive for Roman shipbuilding, namely the hull and the bottom, the joints, are made out of one piece. See the picture below. Also notable: the Romans never used standardised length for the riverships. The tree-length was the as long they would make the ship. So lenght and width might vary within a class. The Ship was found in 1997 and lifted in 2003. The Meern 1 is currently on display in Castellum Utrecht where she still being preserved. The Per Mare ad Laurium She is the modern day reconstruction of the ship, the Per Mare ad Laurium shows with what tools she was constructed and how she might have looked liked in the day, she currently is harbored in Woerden. Due the many bridges in Woerden she doesn’t have a mast. The ship can be hired to sail around Woerden.
  3. Well i was in a battle against surprises and i was in my Santa Cecillia and it was funny they tried to capture but i demasted them and left with the second battle they tagged me better and they shot at my mast but couldn't take my mast down and kept shooting, and I shot at their hull and they had to flee i had like 50% sails left and more than 50% hull and the 9 and 6 pdr kept bouncing off my side, she was a tank of a frigate. I hope to get her back some time.
  4. I would like to thanks the devs for the making the ships so beautiful despite some are ugly and for the amount of ships we have. I believe the rigging on de Endymoin is gorgeous. I have had the priveledge to sail the LGV, surp and indiaman. And they are fantastic in their own ways but the indiaman needs a little bit of help. I want to know something despite shipbuilding by the devs have stopped. Can we expect a proper Dutch ship any time soon?
  5. Commanders, we have a lot of vets and very fine Commanders. Yes, I would like to see a proper Dutch and Swedish alliance and maybe some white flags in the process
  6. its my pleasure to help u with 'nicknames', Hethwill
  7. Bungee, nice work man, a question is this the pre-refit of after refit?
  8. Taking the top picture from left to right the most left ship is the Admiraal de Ruyter SoL ( after refit, 90 guns, 1806) then we have the most famous Dutch ship the 7 Provinciën SoL (82 guns, 1665), can't tell because of the position of the ship and lack of features, the Venus ( 20 guns, 1806) and as last i don't remember that one
  9. Will there also the posibility to have 2 ship boarding one ship. back in the day it happend that 2 ships boarding but dont know of 3 ships
  10. and sharpshooters?
  11. and i think this would be pretty nice if have this because then u also need to know how to position your ship. Even back in the day some captains did on purpose showed their bow or stern to an (superior) enemy to negate their numbers in sailors and/or marines. it would give the game a game in a game and also make it more in depth instead of the 'balanced' sides were everthing except crew and moral is equal
  12. not only the 90's i believe even some games today use a simalair system to this
  13. And thank you for clearing up the flusdeck. I always confussed when to use it
  14. Well, according to records known of the 1694/5 variant she would have atleast got 12 more guns than the orignal of 1665. From this point it is speculation because of the lack propper plans. Steel and me had a discussion wether the ship would be of new design or based to a high degree on the old(1665) design. After the discussion and some research work from steels side, that the ship would be based in a lot of ways on the old design but that instead of a interrupted top deck it would have a flushdeck (makes sence because of the higher gun count), because of the time when the old(1665) was decommisioned in 1694 and the new brought to service in 1694/5, depending on the source, and include for shipbuilding at least 1.5 years prior the decisions to shipbuilding aprovement and she would have had different kind of decorations and/or colour.
  15. Do you reckon also make the 1694/5 variant bit more in timeframe. Steel and me have dicussed what might be the case with th 1694/5 variant 92/4/6 gun is, that she is the 7 Provinciën with no flush deck (if i say correctly)and might have some different decorations. Have been tracking your work for a while, nice job on the ships. numbers are depending on the source