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And crafting my first bellona, gave me the victory recipe:

level 45

1708 labour hours for 4100 exp


65   gold coins


64   rudder parts

741 planks

18   tar

16   knees

466 frame parts


29   rigging parts

29   canvas rolls

142 blocks

58   cordage and oakum


85  cables and howsers

96  iron fittings

230 wooden fittings

71  ballast

5   furnishing

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Yes keep up the good work tommy.


And here an other recipe i got today from my first victory:


Santisima (Level 45)  4694 exp / 1952 labour hours -> hint you can't save up enouth labour on level 45 to make a santi


73  rudder parts

847 planks

21  tar

18  knees

532 frame parts


33  rigging parts

33  canvas rolls

162 blocks

66   cordage and oakum


98  cables and howers

110 iron fittings

263 wooden fittings

81  ballast

16  furnishings


it seems you don't need gold coins like for the victory.

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Added the Santi recipe. 



- Is there anything you guys would like changed? I'm wondering if i should change up the colors and such? (I personally like the current colours but can easily make another version in other colours - Heck, even just a black/white version).


Thanks ^^ 

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St. Pavel (Level 40)  3296 exp / 1367 labour hours


Rudder parts: 51
Planks: 593
Tar: 15
Knees: 12
Fir Frame Parts: 373
Rigging Parts: 23
Canvas Rolls: 23
Blocks: 114
Cordage and Oakum: 46
Cables and Howsers: 68
Iron Fittings: 77
Wooden Fittings: 184
Ballast: 57
Furnishings: 12

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Awesome information.   I was working on a sheet that will automatically calculate the amount of materials needed to build everything from scrap, but only had access to the ships I've unlocked.




The prices tab can be ignored. started to work on what items are available in which town and their prices, but the prices seem to change that some of that will be scrapped.


If anyone wants the formulas, I'll be happy to share them.


As far as I can tell, to make higher quality ships only requires crafting notes and not additional materials, so that is not taken into account.


The only thing I'm unsure about is the Frame Parts..  Can you use any frame parts you want for all ships?

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Yours is pretty good ^^ You should have seen the first spreadsheets i made, they looked nothing like this one! 

Keep making spreadsheets, ask friends to check it out and give you feedback.

I've spent countless hours making spreadsheets and i still learn something with every new project, so keep at it ;) 


On another note, feel free to use my/our spreadsheets and everything in them, they were published here so that everyone can benefit from it! :) 

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You can indeed use any frame parts for all ships. Each type of frame parts have it's own characteristics (Eg, Live Oak makes the ship a bit slower but is very strong - Fir makes the ship a bit faster but is quite weak.) 



At what point will it ask you to select the frame parts you want? As far as I can tell, up to the Navy Brig that I'm able to craft, they all want Fir Frame Parts.


Apparently the wood selection is a drop-down menu.... but it doesn't looks like one.

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Added the new section called "General". In there you will find the Blue Prints for Carriages. 


Updated all the existing Blue Prints. 


I do not have access to Surprise, Renommeé, Privateer and Bellona. If someone would be so kind and send me the updated numbers that would be much appreciated.

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