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  1. Ollllddd beta player doing my 6-9 month check in and im happy to see its actually taken a huge jump in quality since i last looked. 6-9 new ships, a nice and clean UI that is for the most part easy to use, and an overhaul of most of the games systems that all result in it feeling pretty polished Me and my brother went raiding most of the last 2 days and it was alot of fun. 300-500 players online at a time so the action was easy to find.... Oh and bonus points for not having to grind up from a cutter again. Anyhow thought id post a compliment to Games Lab, you guys had me worried for a bit but the games looking good now.
  2. Pirates are the "hardest" because everyone has the option to attack you. Dont be fooled by the current game standings, not alot of pirate vs pirate at this moment, but thats because everyones power leveling. Wait until we start seeing more frigate and higher class players and then we should see more hostilities.
  3. I would. If you cant unlock the next rank and move on to a larger ship before yoy burn 5 duras, your ethier horrible or super unlucky. Durabilities are meant to be spent. And anyone whos holding back to protect their assets, hasnt come to the understanding that the rewards in this game are plentiful, and everything is replacable. (Except exceptional marines, dont lose those! ) lol
  4. Frustrating aye but sadly not naval action exclussive You get the same garbage in war thunder realism. Last plane alive climbs as high as he can and hides in the corner of the map and no one can find him. You end up landing your plane and alt tabbing for 40 minutes for the game to finish.
  5. I wish i could slap people through the internet sometimes. Relax. Game went EA 3 days ago, give them a bloody minute to figure out a solution.
  6. Gotta be careful when buying repair kits. Especially when dealing with captured ships. Spend 10 000 on 10 repair kits then sinj first battle with only 1 durability....lol
  7. Missions have arguably the highest xp return per time invested IF you can finish one in like 10-15 minutes. I was damaging mission targets then ramming them ans causing them to flip and i was getting roughly 75xp per 15 minutes of playing... Buuuuttttt....its boring and feels like a grind. Small battles is less xp but way more fun. Lol
  8. Cant share the share across 2 servers because port conquest statuses will be different. Admin already stated this was the core problem. My best advise, relax and give them a couple days to find a solution. Games only been on EA forb1 weekend. Games Lab is usually quick with their solutions. LEAST the 2000 people online are enjoying a stable server, rare attribute for an EA game
  9. Lol everyone be like "the grind is too long" and im over here and be like "i dont notixe it because im too busy blowing holes in the sides of 25 enemy ships at once. Sometimes the expirence sucks because the player is taking the wrong path. Battle events are certainly one of the right paths
  10. Have to have AI morale to 0 and "attack" to force the surrender.
  11. I second the future option for langauge channels or the ability to create chat rooms. This would be a nice feature for later on.
  12. Id say base it on sails. 100% sails no afk timer. 0 sails or sitting in port = afk timer. Most people wont risk afk sailing at 100% and leaving it for 5 hours lol. I think any ship in motion is likely being observed by the player
  13. Its a good idea if its done World of warcraft style where the admins give options to balance the factions. For example letting brits and pirates who are the 2 highest player base to change to spain and other factions that need players.
  14. Could be worse...could be 28 people online like before the 2nd OW wipe. Least the game is selling and if we lose players to EA issues they almost always return at full release. But hopefully we can do something about the current load.
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