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  1. Gotta be careful when buying repair kits. Especially when dealing with captured ships. Spend 10 000 on 10 repair kits then sinj first battle with only 1 durability....lol
  2. Id say base it on sails. 100% sails no afk timer. 0 sails or sitting in port = afk timer. Most people wont risk afk sailing at 100% and leaving it for 5 hours lol. I think any ship in motion is likely being observed by the player
  3. Its a good idea if its done World of warcraft style where the admins give options to balance the factions. For example letting brits and pirates who are the 2 highest player base to change to spain and other factions that need players.
  4. Yea before the EA launch i alt tabbed in port and was logged in for like 12 hours without getting kicked. Also need a note on the server list recommending new players roll on pvp 2....got to do this stuff quick or we are going to have 10k players trying to get on the same server. Lol
  5. Lol. Well hurry up and get the other half and hoist the black!
  6. yarrrr. I have 46k gold on me right now pete....Flavalicious got very lucky with some grey module drops....
  7. Yarrrr this be a crime punishable by hanging of the neck until dead!
  8. Yarr, i will join you in the collective bounty gathering. Getting Bone back in too. Cya tonight. Yarrrr
  9. Id rather have the opportunity to craft exceptional canons that do more damage or shoot more accurately, or even smaller stuff like level in faster, or tllt higher/lower then get into the messy world of exceptional ammo purchasing. lol
  10. Hell with that. Battle is a battle. Join and see whos in there Im already of the opinion you shouldnt be able to tell a bot from a player in the OW (or at least until your right on top of em)
  11. It is annoying, especially when you feel done. Imo there should just be a static minimum speed near ports. Make it a flat 5 knots for the last few feet to help you avoid the shallow and get into the bloody port lol. Lately ive been just logging off at sea and saying screw it lol
  12. Yarrrr With the boarding mechanics changed and boarding being not as powerful as before, I have constructed myself a new ship. Behold....PERFECTION Designed to be a team fighter, since it has no front chasers, it should be a hearty ship on the front lines.
  13. Im pretty sure its done and they are just waiting to inject a load of new ships for EA.
  14. I fail to see how this is any different then the brits at english harbour last cycle. Was impossible to farm near our capital so we sailed 2 hours south and set up outposts in safe areas. Instead of wanting the game to change for you, try changing yourself for the game And i say this as a pirate, we are in the same position as you. Brits and yankes all around MT
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