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otro nuevo Boicot en el intento de capturar George Town 2 pve


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12 minutes ago, van Veen said:

Sounds good in the first moment, but thinking about it, it's not so good at all. As you earn VMs by owning ports, clans without a port will never have the chance to conquer one. Essentially, the big clans do RVR, the rest just can't. 

The only way you can make this work is by scaling the price with the number of ports owned by the nation (not the clan, cause that could be abused with alts). This could simulate some sort of over-expansion and balance the map somehow. On the other hand, large nations would just stop doing RVR when the costs are too high, putting a stop to RVR sooner or later. All in all, I'm not sure if the whole approach is really promising. 

yes a good point

perhaps a  other restricting solution comes in mind>>  like a timer on the same back and forth same port ...( dynamic behaviour )

where you can think that a port cost (lets say 500 dubs) the first time>>  and the second time it cost 25.000 dubs within a month ? 

but its just a thought.

overall a complicated issue



come to think of it it also prevents:  big nations >> to do the same port every 2 days (like the carthagena full retard attacks >>for over 2 months every 2 days...(what on itself is a weird event also>>  to drain a (smaller) nation  )


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You will literally exclute any small clan/nation from hostilities/port battles. They will pay it maybe once and in the next month twice. That's it. Then you'll lose some more players due to another broken mechanic. How should a small clan or nation afford that amount of dubloons which it will be certain that they'll lose the hostilities?

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