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Battle Started With Both Ships Floating Upside down Mid Air

The last of the Philippine

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40 minutes ago, admin said:

So fascinated that no screenshots were made? Use screenshotter by steam. It works like a breeze. Go to settings in team overlay and set up a convinient button. For example F12 (right near F11). F11 report makes screenshots automatically so you could have reported a bug when you seen that. 
Screens of comments of 5 other players would also help. 

Please report F11 and make screenshots next time it happens. We cannot help without reports and screens.  


I have made an F11 report. I tried F12 to capture the screenshots, but it would not work (I did check that F12 was activated as the capture key). One of the 5 is Susi313 who has also made a report with images.


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