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Suspected alt-farming


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Actually yes. I was testing new BR changes to hostility requirements for getting PB. And it seems that port BR is equal to needed sunk ships BR directly. Earlier for 1 ocean i had about 12 % hostility on port now 6 of them was enough for 5k BR port.

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6 hours ago, Qualleb said:

Im willing to fully cooperate on this matter. I was just testing some game mechanic and im willing to clear my account from any benefits of it (xp, reals, doublons etc.).

Alt farming is against the rules even if it is for testing as people seeing the combat chat and rank leaderboard do not know that and will demand blood. We know it happens from time time but nobody has the guts to get himself onto a first place of the leaderboard. 

We recommend returning all trades done with other characters this day to your account (for important assets like doubloons, quest rewards (combat marks and chests and their contents) as all trading partners are considered suspects as real alts usually try to wash the trades down the chain. If multiple passes of goods happen they could also get tracked . It does not matter if they delete the account or not as everything is still in logs.

Please report on the traders in PM to me once done. Assets created this day will be removed. If trades are not returned partial reset might be done for trading partners. First time offence is usually done with the warning and without rank loss and just asset return is conducted.

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Issue investigated and is found to be port trade
No interference with other clans was found

Unfortunately the normal port trade using hostility was spoiled by artificial surrenders.
Which is against the rules as can be considered alt farming

As a result

  • Organizer of the battle will have his XP gains removed with additional small penalty
  • Reals gained in the battle will be removed (from both accounts)
  • All participants of the battle will receive a friendly warning as they were just doing what their clan leader told them to.

Most importantly. Port will be set to neutral during tomorrow maintenance.
We would not do it if it was a normal port trade - but 7 oceans surrendering to a snow definitely looks fake.

Captains. Please avoid using mechanics that look or sound fishy even for testing - you might get seen and reported.

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