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When I log on to Naval Action there are several things I expect: salt, insults and a good time.

I get salty, I throw insults and I have a good time. My insults are usually kept in-game, can be quite light hearted and all in all it's a bit of banter.

There is a line that I draw and I expect many others do as well. I have never or will ever tell anyone to go die of cancer.


I confess, I'm not a Dutch speaker but Google (and a German clanmate who says there are similarities languagewise) is telling me that this chap is telling me to go die of cancer.

I know there is a report function but I know that it is looked at only once per week and I don't know if the dev team speak Dutch so whether this would be picked up etc...

Or is this kind of stuff part and parcel of Naval Action?


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Chat insults can be reported by right clicking the person's name on the insult and clicking "Report".  Upon receiving enough reports, the person is silenced forever.  Report and ignore as a start.

I'll refer this thread to see if the insults rise to the level of immediate action.  Thank you.

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