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Post Boarding, Ship Hold Inspection...the elusive [X]

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I have recently captured a trader and after winning the boarding I tried to loot the captured ship, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Looked for the yellow [X] everywhere, but I did not see it and ended up losing the prize and it's cargo when I found myself in the OW and the capped ship gone!

Believe me, I was quite pissed and ranted in the forums! However, ranting alone doesn't do much good to other novices like me, so I thought I'd share some of my mistakes with my fellow newbies.

My first mistake was the "BATTLE OVER, press ESC to leave", this is the same and only button to exit the boarding menu, the hold/crew/ship management menu and the battle instance. I clicked it once and got out of the boarding menu and not seeing the yellow [X], I clicked it again and ended up in the OW. I wish the exit button was more like "Exit Boarding Menu", then "Exit Ship/Hold/Crew Management Menu", Exit to Open World"...etc, so one knows which stage he/she is before moving to the next.

The yellow [X] which is for "Inspect Ship and Hold" is small and not always obvious, especially for inexperienced players. If you don't see it after exiting the Boarding Menu, zoom out, pan around, make sure you are facing the capped enemy ship, keep doing that until you see it. DO NOT PRESS ESC AGAIN! that will throw you out into the open world and lose your prize. Again, I wish the Inspect Ship and Hold menu would pop up automatically after the boarding is won.

To veteran players, if there is anything I forgot, please let me know and will add it to the original post.

Edit 1:

As Hodo pointed out, DO NOT FORGET TO GET YOUR 1st FLEET PERK as soon as possible, so you get to keep your original ship and bring home your prize!


To add Fleet perks, see pictures below:






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6 hours ago, Hodo said:

While I disapprove of you not having the fleet perk and trying to capture ships...in a cutter LOL.  But that is just me being a bit snippy because you were wasteful.

I know right...that's what newbs like me do!

To be honest, I knew there was a fleet perk, I just forgot to get it...I was too eager to go out and try my luck against unarmed or poorly armed traders, after "real" warships (AI cutters) whipped my @$$ in Midshipman combat missions.

Plus, I'm in my trial post wipe period, have not redeemed my redeemables yet.

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I know you can capture AI traders.

You go out into the OW, sail around, find a target, click on it, the Attack button maybe grayed until you are close enough, then click attack. After a handful of seconds, you enter the battle instance where the combat takes place. Once you weaken your target and win the boarding, the enemy ship is considered captured.

Then you can either add her to your fleet if you have the proper fleet perk, or just loot her (take her holds content into your ship) and then either abandon her or sink her. If you sink the ship you will get some reward.

More experienced veteran players may tell you which ships you can not capture.

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Wait, what? Are we talking about PVP or PVE? I believe there's a difference.

On PVP servers:

As patch 10.0, you cannot capture any AI ships, be they warships or traders. You can capture player ships, and you can add them to your fleet if (and only if) you have one of the fleet perks enabled AND you have sufficient space in your fleet to add a captured ship.

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3 hours ago, Mear O'Breannen said:

Also u cant still not use the fleet cargo.

Can't you command your fleet ship to STOP and then you sail next to it, stop yourself, exchange cargo, and then continue ?


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