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Found 4 results

  1. I have recently captured a trader and after winning the boarding I tried to loot the captured ship, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Looked for the yellow [X] everywhere, but I did not see it and ended up losing the prize and it's cargo when I found myself in the OW and the capped ship gone! Believe me, I was quite pissed and ranted in the forums! However, ranting alone doesn't do much good to other novices like me, so I thought I'd share some of my mistakes with my fellow newbies. My first mistake was the "BATTLE OVER, press ESC to leave", this is the same and only button to exit the boarding menu, the hold/crew/ship management menu and the battle instance. I clicked it once and got out of the boarding menu and not seeing the yellow [X], I clicked it again and ended up in the OW. I wish the exit button was more like "Exit Boarding Menu", then "Exit Ship/Hold/Crew Management Menu", Exit to Open World"...etc, so one knows which stage he/she is before moving to the next. The yellow [X] which is for "Inspect Ship and Hold" is small and not always obvious, especially for inexperienced players. If you don't see it after exiting the Boarding Menu, zoom out, pan around, make sure you are facing the capped enemy ship, keep doing that until you see it. DO NOT PRESS ESC AGAIN! that will throw you out into the open world and lose your prize. Again, I wish the Inspect Ship and Hold menu would pop up automatically after the boarding is won. To veteran players, if there is anything I forgot, please let me know and will add it to the original post. Edit 1: As Hodo pointed out, DO NOT FORGET TO GET YOUR 1st FLEET PERK as soon as possible, so you get to keep your original ship and bring home your prize! To add Fleet perks, see pictures below:
  2. Dear Devs, first of all I want to say thank you, for making 40 Eur I spent in early December the best game purchase so far. Your game is so good I would buy it again for a double price without hesitation. However, I feel that current iteration of boarding is slowly killing the game for me. Please do not consider this a whine or rant as it is not either of them. I will not stop playing NA overnight. However, for the reasons described below I find it harder and less appealing to play again after each time I have a PVP fight, since most of them end up by boarding. First, I will list reasons why I love NA and think it is the best thing since sliced bread: 1. Authenticity. The attention to realism of the period, the way how ships fought, how they behaved oozes from the game. With the exception of Wargame series, I have not encountered a game that would be able to depiction so realistically the way the combat was fought, while managing to keep it entertaining and accessible. 2. Skill. Naval action is really skill based. I have been many times outplayed by players who just were able to anticipate the battle better then me. To shoot more true than me. To change sails better than me. I have never felt frustrated from such a loss. I always was able to identify the moment I overestimated my ship and which in end it cost me the battle. 3. The looks. It just looks amazing. Attention to detail and all. Just amazing. 4. Community and Devs. Mostly mature, constructive, helpful and overall an unusual sight in an online environment. However, as I said, the boarding is so frustrating for me, it is making me want to play less for these reasons: 1. Boarding is decided before boarding. It has been stated and it is the case that boarding is decided before the boarding itself. Strong boarding modules, having a ship with larger crew, having more preparation wins you boarding no matter what. As a defender who first gets demasted and then boarded by a prepared ship, there is no defence. You can shoot the hull, but you will not sink him sooner than he will board you. And once he boards, he never needs to drop below 40 preparation to be able to board you again, even if you successfully disengage. This is further compounded if you get boarded by a special boarding ship. Then there really is nothing for you to do. 2. Inability to control your ship during boarding. Your ship stays in the world and is a target for enemies even if you are in boarding. It is enough for one player to keep you in boarding repeatedly, not really attacking while his teammates shoot your defenceless hull. 3.Inability to sink while boarding. Even you have managed to destroy 9/10th of boarding ship's hull on approach, once he boards, he will not sink, since he will keep having around 50 prep to board you again after disengage, until you lose to boarding ship. 4. Unauthenticity. I really cannot see sailors being able to pull 2 first rates under sail together from distance of 50m with ropes. 5. The looks. Although I understand that the interface is temporary, it really detracts from the overall feeling to lose a battle through a menu. 6. Overall feeling of being powerless. If I am shot at by a bigger ship, I might try to outrun it. If I am shot at by a faster ship, I might try to outmanoeuvre it. However, if I am boarded by a boarding ship, I have nothing to do. I will lose after 5-10 minutes of menu clicking. Since non-constructive criticism is useless I propose several solutions: 1. To be able to board you have to be in contact, while stationary or very slow. (i.e. no pulling when close, you would have T-bone a ship to a halt) 2. No immunities during boarding. If you are in boarding you can sink as well as in normal combat. 3. Boarding cooldown. If you board a ship and do not manage to carry it by boarding, you will have to wait 5 mins before being able to board the same ship again. 4. Make boarding bloody. You would have to have 3-5 times number of men to be able to carry by boarding. If you don't and decide to attack, it would be a slaughterhouse for the attacker. 5. Maybe some simple crew animations to liven up the boarding process. 6. Scrap most of boarding modules. In the end effect, they are just stacking at each other making your boarding ship even more powerful. 7. Crew maintenance. If you want to run a 1300 men santi, you would have to pay more for upkeep than normal santi. (at least by 30 percent). Sorry for the wall of text. I might be called a noob, a whiner or whatever, but I find it sad that I remember most fondly the part of open world, when boarding was disabled. That was when I had best PVP fights that were decided by a sailing skill. I want to play a sailing game, not competitive rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock. Kind regards, Marek
  3. Captain Terrio

    Capture Problem

    I have already submitted a ticket on this issue but was curious if anyone else has had the same issue recently. So me and a fellow friend took on a single Privateer. We got him to surrender and I went up and took the capture of the ship (slowed enemy ship down as I did, hit X i think it was to capture ect). (The circle went all the way around and finished capturing.) Once Captured, I left the battle only to see the after action report without any loot nor Vessel captured. It was too bad cause we spent a good amount of time on that and I was going to take control and have it be my new flag ship lol. Next time I guess! Let me know if anyone else has had this issue.
  4. Chromey


    Boarding is very hard to do please add some kinda of grappeling hooks to grab ships going slowly in same direction? Boardings are over way to quick. 500 vs 500 men battles would have lasted more then 2 minutes. Even 100 vs 100 battles!