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Fredrik af Chapmans Pirateship (Sweden)

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Yes all, you heard me correctly.


Fredrik af Chapman (famous Swedish shipsbuilder) have made complete specifications of a "Pirate-ship" (kapare-fartyg) even though the translation of it is not 100% accurate (more "Letter of Marquis holders-ship)


I wish I could translate all this from Swedish into English, but it takes a whole while.

SO I will provide some Pictures of the text from the actual book (written 1775)


But I will tell you breifly what it says:


It talks about the size and how it might not be as big as to take on a ship of the line.

It should however be fast enough to outrun such.

The ship would rather be equipt with a few big Heavy guns, with space enough between these, for the crew to use oars to move the ship during combat.

It should be easy to turn and it should be big enough to hold Canons, ammunitons and food for the crew during 3,4 months.

It should be fast sailor in any weather.


Full specifications for 16 diffrent size, however no drawings. from  1x12 and 16x2  pounders (188 cubic foot) to 28x18 and 12x6 pounders (4451 cubic foot)


Name of the book:


"Tractat om skepps-byggeriet, tillika med

förklaring och bevis öfvfr. Architectura

navalis mercatoria"






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there you have a thread which includes chapman's plans already.


Malachi also meantioned a Privateer of chapman's navalis book.

He also modeled the basic hullshape two posts after the one I gave you here.



Yes I know about hes designs and drawings. But this book is talking about a "concept" not a single ship. It has calculations, how to draw a hull after the desired size (amount of crew and cannons).

This is only one referens: Privateer:   It talks about how to find the stiffnes, centerpoint, etc etc in a drawing, how to calculate deplacement, etc,etc . Maybe the developers use or have used the same calculations when getting  the physics for the models in the game? And maybe, they might not be aware of this book. As it is not that common.

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The devs are very well aware of this book.

I can't doublecheck right now but I think our yacht is out of this book

There as a few ships which actually exist (ed)

For example the hms unicorn, a small to medium frigate

And yes I am aware that this book is a display of his methodology. Nothing more or less

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There are so many ship plans and model submitted in this forum section that the devs could give each nation their own exclusvie ships in every class (except 1rst rate but that can be balanced). I really hope that once all the game basic mechanics will be done, that the devs will concentrate on ships modelling and pump them out like they were Ford model T. IMO, the more ship diversity, the better and more attractive this game will be.

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