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  1. i still dont understnad how tradehunting in a niagarra solo is considered ganking
  2. THX I Am a small ship fan, I usually use a niagara or mercury for PVP, but if i look at the current ship prices. Brig 60k Merc 90k Snow 80-90k Niagara 100k Suprise 100-120k so why would i choose ever a Brigg classed ship, then a Light frigate is more costeffective, its the wrong way around Briggs,Schooners, Barqs, these should not get higher then 60k in sales, yes a niagara should not cost more then 60k. and a gap should exsist between a brigg and a frigate, the suprise can still stand on her 120k, so we would still have a gap of 60k, i can buy 2 niagaras for 1 suprise. that would encourage smaller players into PVP, will make a higher demand for lower ships, making it easier for low level crafter to bring their ships to a captain and so on. so make some adjustment to Crafting material s needed for Brigg and lower classed ships and boom suddenly 1,5k sailors
  3. like in every other game, changing nation faction or other stuff comes with a little bit of work
  4. a new systeme is alredy on its way, it will be a real time strategic thing, were also the positioning of your ships will be taking into accoutn
  5. tja so ist das numal mit den heutigen gamern, die haben halt die ganze Total lost RPGs, nicht mitgekriegt, und sind verwöhnt von COD ,BF3 und andere titel, wo man an der hand gehalten wird und auf alles einen marker hat. Ein spiel macht erst spaß wenn es schwer ist. Man stellt nen spieler heute ne mauer vor der nase, er rennt dagegen nd beschwert sich, anstatt einen weg drumherum zu suchen
  6. we also need some barques, and pyrate refits:)
  7. Me and me Crew have sunk,or boarded 18 vessels after me last letter. Seems like nobody is manly enought to claim the Cuckcoo for her or himself, just few days left before she is gone for good
  8. a captain who inst sure about the ship of his vessel. lets help him
  9. Unique shipnames, but no shipclass names, means you can either sail a Suprise with the standart Suprise on her butt, but cant call her HMS Victory these are destinctive shipclassnames
  10. ive foreseen that thats a nice new systeme, giving the game some new life and imersion, just want me captain on this too
  11. bcause Gauss guns are still in development state and bring alot of problems on smaller vessels, for a cruiser sized ship its a good weapon since a cruiser can put up enough Electric charge. Another problem is the Magnetic field that gets created then charging and shooting such a weapon this can damage the digital systemes.
  12. yea ive watched that movie, Powersliding with a 45000 tons battleship on sea with the bow anchor, much physics. But the CGI model were nice
  13. ja, politiker sehen die welt anders, die frage ist immer die verhältnissmäßigkeit aber da was ich gelesen habe reicht mir schon. Petition unterschrieben, wenns doch durchkommt kann mans noch vor gerichten ziehen.
  14. so since the wipe is comming i started to be more active, and ive alredy claimed some heads again in me Niagara, called the Cuckoo. so far ive sunk 74 and boarded 34 ships in her, i havent counted all engagement where i was victoris because the opponent went fleeing but there are also a couple of dozens She is now on her last dura, and she claims the fastes ship of the seven seas, because she is, ive lost the duras because my mistakes and sometimes bad RVR placement. go hunt her down, board her sink her, whatever yar choose give me a challange, ill not exit to port after an escape in the battle instance, however ill denie fights then i get outnumbered or way to far outgunned. her current form, go slay here and you can boast about other captains that youve sunk the Cuckcoo, she will sail around KPR untill the wipe go get her
  15. atm labour hours are working better as currency then actuell money wich might be also a major point why inflation was so high, at the beginning of the beta a brigg costed mostly 50k, try to catch one for that price, or a niagara 70k then she became craftable, today almost 600k
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