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  1. lol! so started on the pvp server as Great Britain.......what kind of politics are going on as im new to this aspect of the game.....what should i expect walking in?
  2. What im looking to do is start my own "fleet" and go around crafting, trading, and doing ship v. ship battles
  3. Hello all ye feller captains! Just a few questions fer ye all!! 1) Which is better for earning xp, pvp or pve server? 2) Thinking bout switching over to pvp server but am not sure if it is worth it...........would ye all recommend me switchin?? thank ye for yer input!
  4. Howdy! So in a bind am not sure what to do. Logged in for the first time a few days ago in like months, created character, and then i saw i had like 5 redeemable. They were ships so i redeemed them. Found out they have no cannon and i dont have enough money to purchase cannons for any of the ships. Should i just sell them or hang onto them? -Ara (aka Fog_Battleship_Amagi)
  5. Ok Thank you for the quick answer!!! my confusion has been cleared up!
  6. SO really stupid question. So i know that it was stated that you need to have the santi unlocked to get into OW trials (which i dont) and eventually they will lift that to allow more people in. From what i have heard is you will receive a message with an access code to open world. My question is this, For the game when i launch it through steam and log on, i click the log on through steam option. on the forum here, i created an account. So i am wondering if this will in any way affect me getting an invite code if i were to unlock the santi? Thanks for any help! -Ara.
  7. so question, when i got the game and downloaded it on steam, when i logged in, i used the log in with steam option...will that affect me getting an invite to OW testing?
  8. hmmm..i would say attack the flanks of the enemy while having your infantry assault that enemy to keep them preoccupied so they dont notice the cavalry sneaking up.
  9. neutral nations would be good places for trade though. How about the neutral nations you cant play...they are only NPC's? You can interact with them and learn various crafts and do various things in the neutral nation that you ant do in a warring nation.
  10. yeah t should automatically appear in your library...though thats weird its not working for you TheJRT
  11. Clearwater and various other ships.
  12. yes.........waiting for open world! :3
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