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  1. Add sea floor spreading and mid ocean ridges
  2. Forgot to add this, Generation Kill
  3. Well tell me who you want? This lame guy? Or this awesome bearded guy?
  4. Band of Brothers The Pacific Downfall Zulu Letters from Iwo Jima Saving Private Ryan
  5. The HMS Beagle was a Cherokee-Class 10-gun brig-sloop that served with the Royal Navy. The Beagle was later adapted as a survey barque and conducted three expeditions. Her second expedition made her one of the most famous ships in history as she carried a young Charles Darwin, who later penned the Origin of Species. I think she would make a great ship for use of explorers to survey coastlines, and send expeditions to unknown lands. Class and type: Cherokee class brig-sloop Tons burthen: 235 bm Length: 90.3 ft (27.5 m) Beam: 24.5 ft (7.5 m) Draught: 12.5 ft (3.8 m) Sail Plan: Brig (Barque from 1825) Complement: 120 as a ship-of-war, 65 plus 9 supernumeraries on second voyage Armament: 10 guns, reduced to 6 guns on first survey voyage, 7 guns on second survey voyage HMS Beagle 1:1 Replica hull
  6. You know what would be amazing? Having the HMS Beagle be an exploration ship. Then on your second voyage after acquiring the ship you take a young naturalist named Charles with you. That naturalist then goes on to pen one of the most important scientific books in history and you become a famous explorer.
  7. So I have a question about privateering. Once a privateer raids a ship, would he/she just keep the prize or would they have to sail to a friendly port to turn in the loot for some sort of prize?
  8. I'm curious to know how one would become a Privateer? When one joins a nation would they be a part of that nations navy or would they just be a privateer? I'd like to be a Swedish Privateer, cause Sweden.
  9. Cause I'm weird like that. If you frequent the WoWS NA forums you'd know I'm even weirder.
  10. I had already searched the forums and googled it for good measure. Nothing came up.
  11. The HMS Sovereign of the Seas was a 90-gun first-rate ship of the line that served in the Royal Navy. At launch she was fitted with 102 cannons on the insistence of the king. She was launched on the 13th of October, 1637 and served from 1638 to 1697 when she was lost due to fire. She served in many battles and as the flagship of General at Sea Robert Blake. The Dutch referred to her as 'The Golden Devil.' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Sovereign_of_the_Seas
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