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  1. Heneage Dundas

    [PvP1] Spain Defence against USA agression

    The SLRN love the Americans!
  2. Heneage Dundas

    Looking for a REAL MATURE clan/guild

    I can confirm that I did need a poo. It is my pleasure to report that that is not currently the case.
  3. Officers of the Fleet, It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce that I have agreed to serve as the new commander of the SLRN. It is also my privilege to announce the merger of the SLRN and the JACKS. I was fortunate to participate in the founding of the SLRN in 2014, and I have seen the guild and Naval Action change a great deal over the past few years. This is one of the key reasons that the leadership of SLRN approached me to assume the position of Admiral of the Fleet. We will discuss many changes over the coming days and weeks, but rest assured that the drive behind these is a return to the best days of the SLRN, a return to fun and friendship. All members of the SLRN and JACKS are members of the merged guild. Your most humble and obedient servant, Dundas
  4. Ah...so now I remember why I seldom visit these forums. Nice one on that Trinco, Ian!
  5. Heneage Dundas

    The Yellow Jacks

    A brief note to introduce "The Yellow Jacks" to a candid world. A new Royal Navy clan of old Naval Action players. We're not recruiting and will mostly play small-scale PvP, but just in case you see [JACKS] in game, you'll know who we are. Here's our address: http://theyellowjacks.enjin.com/home
  6. Heneage Dundas

    Marked with the Black Spot - NO LONGER USED

    I'll put up an additional 50K for Charles!
  7. Heneage Dundas

    LETTER to His Majesty the KING

    Jamaica is the most valuable colony in the British West Indies.
  8. Heneage Dundas

    Naval Boom Incoming!

    I do feel sorry for the murderous thieves. We need to find a small violin...
  9. I thought it was just your tight-fitting breeches, sir!
  10. Heneage Dundas

    SLRN British TS Server now open for all GB Players

    I hope you manage your digestive problems in the meantime!
  11. Heneage Dundas

    A Tearful Goodbye to the Honorable Phoenix ;(

    HMS Edinburgh (74)
  12. Heneage Dundas

    Teleporting to Avoid Combat

    I agree.
  13. Heneage Dundas

    Today's Naval Action Headlines

    We fight for our right to put "u"s into words! Let this be known as the "Flavour War!"
  14. Heneage Dundas

    boarding enemy ships

    It is far too finickety! Worse than Sea Trials!
  15. Heneage Dundas

    Please post your major annoyances

    Because it happened more frequently in battle than it does in game.