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  1. What other use do they have?
  2. Sure but 10x the fun, I Solo/small group PVP'ed in my snow, then in my surprise, then trinco up to connie. I don't even want a 1st rate. 2-3 guys in privateer is a deadly pvp group and it's so much more fun than sitting in a line battle with a rated ship. People are way to focused on ''Omg I -Need- the biggest ship!'' And they don't bother trying to find ways to enjoy every rate of ships in the game. If you're the kind that absolutely need a first rate and you need it yesterday, sure it'll be grindy. But it's definitely a choice, it's not forced up on you.
  3. We assaulted the three ports with about 90 people and tagged most defenders on outside battles, this was not a planned port flip but a crushing tactical victory from the British side.
  4. This thread isn't about pirate green on green, it's about blatant griefing, same way it's been done and condemned previously. I say add them to the list of people awaiting sentencing. Admins and Devs of this game will just be standing by while the game is being run into the ground if these type of actions are not condemned officialy.
  5. NA forums in a nutshell: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12097-duel-at-blood-creek/#entry216134
  6. 1) The only way it can be 100% my fault is if i'd be the only poster in the thread, which I am not. So others share the blame. 2) Where did I waste anyone's time? Sorry I made you click on a thread and read it. 3) Too many people take this way to seriously. 2 cutters capturing a trinco might not be friendly but it certainly is funny. You'd laugh if you captured me in a trinco with 2 cutters. 4) I might have learned a lesson that these forums can't handle a bit of fun, but you should look at yourself and try to learn some too, this is a game and people take everything on here way too seriously.
  7. Well it's not everyday that 2 cutters kill a trincomalee, I wanted to show that despite what a lot of people think, the trinco isn't an invicible machine of doom.
  8. I understand and agree with this, but there's an issue with the overlapping 2 min timer and the invulnerability that sometimes lasts nearly 2 minutes. The OP's suggestion is valid, since it doesn't affect small groups, but we could also move to keep the 2 min timer and work on having the invulnerability fixed too, if the majority preferred 2 min timers (like me).
  9. Well This was supposed to be a friendly/funny post for the sake of game propaganda, and just to show how people underestimate cutters, but all you forum people (On every side) can't help but take your dicks out and wave them. Please for the sake of the game, be less toxic.
  10. Courageous British captains engage French ship and take it as a prize. Combined force of 2 cutters armed with 4 pounders, along with an unarmed cutter engage French Trincomalee frigate and take it as a prize. Courageous unarmed cutter sinks, all british sailors recovered from the sea unharmed. Did the French bite off more than they can chew by declaring war?
  11. Rage boarding is too powerful, Masts are too weak.
  12. 1) There are multiple narratives to that story, RAE broke their treaty with SLRN and attack south cuba while we were busy with the pirates at Les Gonaives. I cannot speak for other clan's situations. 2) Nations should accept that their port amount should be relative to their fraction of the playerbase (Reasonable demands would dictate that if you have 10% of the playerbase, then you should be able to hold 10% of the ports, demanding more under threat of war is excessive) 3) Again, the current map situation doesn't reflect the situation when we were allied, right now we are not and that's what the map shows. 4) I meant the power to take your ports, My intentions are not to wipe the spanish players and chase them off of their nations, I personally have not taken part into 1 PB against spain, i'm only talking as a general british player. 5) I agree, some of spain feel they got backstabbed by britain because SLRN cannot force all of the british to agree to their diplomacy (which is alright, i'm not saying otherwise). Some players feel they got backstabbed by the spanish because of the same reasons. 6) I have heard many different diplo talks, some of which were very reasonable, others which were the ones i'm referring to as ''hillarious'' I don't mean to offend whoever was part of the reasonable ones. 7) US didn't attack britain, we were busy on another front, and we came by to help take US ports, which eventually led to us losing haiti. 8) Sweden, US, VP are all neutral with most of britain as far as I know. Pirates and Danes have been stopped in their advance, Spain is in no position to push into what we consider ''our'' territory we'll see what the french declaration of war changes in due time 9) I agree a diplo system is required if we want clans to fall in line and respect the majority's view on diplo. I'm sorry if you felt my comments were ignorant but i was replying to someone acting far more ignorant (Maturin's posts) I hope we'll be back to our neutral/allied state soon enough, but I'm curious to see how that will be achieved with the current mechanics. I think the clans that attack spain (read: not me) have shown what they wanted to show and it's time for cessation of hostilities, but that is of course, my own opinion and might not be shared. Again, I'm not a diplomat and i'm only sharing my personal view of the situation as a single player.
  13. Having a strong startup is actually a huge disadvantage, as you cannot set a timer on ports you start with. This is one of the reason of spain's downfall.
  14. The main issue is that spain starts with an extremely large amount of ports and they expected to keep them, or to keep ports based on history. If they have 10% of the playerbase, they only deserve 10% of the ports, and they are not entitled to any one more. Britain conquered a lot of US ports with intentions to flip them back to Spain, but spain launched a suprise attack on Britain before the final agreements of which and when they would be ceded. Surely after they told us to f*** off and attacked us you didn't expect us to continue with the motion of ceding ports. They did a similar thing with/against the US. Spain needs to take a step back, realize that they'll never hold the amounts of ports that real life spain did, and they'll never hold their historical ports, because this is not a game based on history. They need to work with the neighboring nations and accept that fact and the sooner they'll do that the sooner they have a chance of being prosperous. You say it as if the british have been attacking spain for a long time, yet the game has barely been out for two months. The first of which initial borders were drawn, and the second of it where british clans helped spain vs the US, and then responded to a foolish spanish attack. The real solution here is a map wipe where all nations start with only their capital, and everything else is neutral, so that fake borders can be drawn and people stop trying to rely on history of another world.
  15. Can the original post be either updated or unpinned? It's very outdated and will lead to players attacking allies or their clans etc.
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