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  1. You've made me a very happy Mercanto.
  2. You do, but he's going to constantly lecture you on the emerging abolitionist ideology and pro-Democratic impulse of United States Volunteers during the Civil War, juxtaposed with that of the pro-slavery impulse motivating Confederate volunteers. Also, he's Scots-Irish
  3. Aaaaannndd I'm forlorning your brigade again...
  4. Mine is the first piece of Union art...tsk tsk
  5. Troiani's portrait of the 1st Minnesota's charge to save the ridge and the Union On July 2nd, 1863. "I have seen no more gallant a deed on any battlefield"- Winfield Scott Hancock
  6. You would be surprised how many of us are into US history ;P
  7. Well it is tough...When I play Fixed mode, I could sometimes swear that Lt. Colonel Absolut and Adjutant-Captain Morgan don't have the best advice....
  8. Were you specifically thinking of me when you wrote this?
  9. Born in the Southern section, near the capital ;P. Though I live in Southwest Ontario lol
  10. Let's do it! Anyone have like, $1, 000, 000 I could borrow...?
  11. Agreed! It could be a great low-budget Civil War drama
  12. They were immediately paroled so far as I know. Regardless, the Confederate army in Texas surrendered shortly thereafter. The Rebs in Texas were already pretty good about this sort of thing, since Kirby Smith could tell the war was going poorly by 1865 and wanted to position himself as lawful and charitable in the worst case scenario lol.
  13. Don't forget when the Rebs decided that Lee and Grant had met under the apple tree, and basically shredded it to sell the srap souvenirs to the Yanks ;P
  14. On May 11, 1865 in Palmito Ranch, Texas, Colonel Theodore Barrett elected to send a detachment of United States Colored Infantry and Texas Cavalry under Lieutenant-Colonel David Branson on a raid. Their mission was to attack a Confederate outpost at White Ranch, destroy their supplies and capture their horses. This was in direct violation of a previously established gentleman's agreement between Federal forces and Rebel forces in Texas. In February, the Union and Confederate forces, recognizing the war was nearly at an end, had agreed to an informal ceasefire. Hitherto May 11, this was recogni
  15. It may be that they didn't want to blow their hands off
  16. Is....is this a serious post by Keepbro...? This is a really cool point I think. One reason for this is due to China's isolationism. Its Civil War simply did not have a huge impact on the rest of the world, as the Chinese empire had little contact beyond the South East Asian world. The Civil War occurs in a global context, helping to shape the economic and political future of the entire Western world. The other reason is basically racism I think. Its the same reason why there are more books about twelve Great War poets then the the 1 million+ soldiers of colour that fought in the war.
  17. Well that and basically the Northern population. He was the most popular man in America after Lincoln. And don't know Jack Daniels
  18. Hard to say, Lee is the larger man, however Grant is his junior by 15 years. I'm going to go with Grant, because Lee would probably start with an over-complicated move. Grant would just go for the kill.
  19. Cool question! For most resigning officers, these men had not actually committed a crime (yet). Technically, as officers in the United States Army, they had the right to submit their resignation. Not all of them intended to join Confederate forces either. Major Robert Anderson, of Fort Sumter fame, planned to resign his commission and go to Europe if Kentucky seceeded; so that he might avoid invading his native state of Kentucky. Since Kentucky did not secede, Anderson stayed. Resigning officers did commit a crime by resigning, only by participating in the Rebellion. thus, by the time they
  20. I only get to pick one!? No fair!! It's like picking a favourite kid...
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