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  1. Its really hard to say, brigade sizes fluctuated wildly. The Irish Brigade fell as low as around 300 by Gettysburg, though a good brigade should have at least 1500 men at arms. The other thing is that the Federals and Confederates deployed their brigades differently. Federals tended to deploy two regiments front and two more in reserve, deploying them as needed in the action. Confederates tended to place all four regiments abreast. Thus, a Confederate brigade arrayed for battle might have a longer length due simply to deployment methodology. In theory, the formation was supposed to st
  2. I like to place my Spencer brigade on the moon. Their aim is really good.
  3. "Its nip and tuck out there; and damned if I ain't afraid its mostly tuck." -Unnamed US infantrymen at the battle of Chickamauga
  4. So this is a super important and touchy question. Since answering it means I can avoid the gym for another ten minutes, I'll give an answer. The short answer is, yes, people did consider this. In fact, the Colonization Society was set up for this very purpose. Someone else here asked about payment, the fact is that many wealthy "philanthropists" were happy to assist the project, and much was government funded. In fact, as someone has already pointed out, an effort was made in Liberia in 1862. It failed. The fact is, Lincoln supporting this was a real blindspot for him. He made the same
  5. I absolutely love this answer. Though I have to note that despite all logic and reason, 50% of my beloved 1st Minnesota boys re-enlisted when their three year papers expired. Due to the already low numbers of the regiment, the 1st Minnesota was re-organized into the 1st Minnesota Special Battalion. Its new title gave it new muster roles, and is recorded separately in "The War of the Rebellion." So in actual-point-of-fact, the 1st Minnesota did serve through Appomattox, just as the 1st Minnesota Special Battalion. That being said, given their small numbers, they were rarely put into frontli
  6. Actually the banning of slavery in all territories was the fundamental plank of the Republican party. He also stated his support for a strict ban on slavery in all new territories in several speeches, such as the Cooper Union speech and the Douglas debates. Lincoln wanted no slavery in the territories, it was pretty cut and dry. Lincoln essentially said that he could not touch slavery where it existed, but would not see it spread one more inch. It was upon this quiestion of slavery in the new territories that the Civil War was fought. As for the EP. Alan Guezlo has written about this in gre
  7. I'm just going to ramble a quick response to this before I go to bed. Hope it is interesting...or, you know, makes sense... In my own studies, I find that a few factors matter. In the broad sense, volunteers appear to have required two things. The first was effective leadership. Officers were not only required to be effective in the field, but to command the respect of their men. In this way, even officers who were appointed "earned" their position. Commanders like Charles Russel Lowel, William Colvill, or Strong Vincent who led by example, cared for their men's needs, and were both conspi
  8. Lincoln was 6'5", a frontiersman until 21, and known in Springfield for his talent at wrastling. Davis was blind in one eye, dyspeptic, and crippled with pain by neuralgia. Poor Jeff....
  9. The Wiard guns were actually some of the best artillery produced in the war. It kind of irks me that they are speced so low in the game
  10. It would be super boring.... I have the honor of demanding your surrender I refuse Commence two days of fireworks!!! ...on second thought, that sounds kind of awesome...
  11. *Tear running down my cheek* Godspeed you magnificent bastard...
  12. About to get to bed, but I'll just a list a few good books off the top of my head. Sorry if its a bit slim. I know there are books not springing to mind at present lol. Also, I did not include Battlecry as it has already been established above. For the record, any understanding of the war can begin with this book as a foundation. @The Soldier, I highly recommend you make it your first Civil War monograph (and indeed it can be interpreted as a monograph) when you have the time. For Battle histories and tactics: "Gettysburg: The Last Invasion" by Alan Guezlo "Chancellorsville" and "Landsc
  13. Lol he's being sarcastic. Both 1stVermont and myself made frequent reference to it, though 1stVermont struggled somewhat in the effort, on account of him not having actually read it, but simply quote mined it.
  14. Honestly, rifled cannons really weren't that great in the war. They were accurate in theory, but blackpowder is not conducive to long range accuracy reports, and the rifling concentrated canister fire considerably, disabling it as an anti-personal weapon. This was unfortunate as canister was at this time the only real effective and reliable form of artillery. The only rifled cannons that compensated for this second issue were the Wiard guns, which are rather underpowered in this game Broadly speaking, Little Mac was right when he insisted that smoothbore canons were better. It wouldn't be unt
  15. Couldn't agree more. An easier difficulty is a godsend to those of us who enjoy a rum as they organize their armies. In the Koro Edition, they will have Huey Gunships and Metal Storm Artillery. For added challenge...
  16. The AI is constantly being improved and, as far as I am concerned, is leaps and bounds over UG:G who had a bad habit of standing around at inopportune times. Still, until @Nick Thomadis actually invents Skynet, there will always be limits. Nick, when you do invent Skynet, remember all the times I made you laugh on the forums (unless I didn't).
  17. Yeah...that's it... >.> That's why I play Colonel...
  18. Hey @Koro! We're getting a joint interview! For me, I find campaign to be oppressively difficult on anything higher then Colonel, I jsut can't seem to get a sufficient number of experienced soldiers together at times, and the high level of late game enemy troops is staggering. For Historical Battles, I can win handily on Brigadier.
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