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  1. They really need to fix the flanking in this game. its like no matter what way my units face the enemy their "flanked" even though the enemy is in front of them. Then the run and go half way across the battle and use all their energy and then have to move alllllll the way back....
  2. Hate that NPCs seem to have no problem Manning everything on their ship with most of the crew gone and that they never surrender
  3. I would really like to see more paints available. Like a couple different colors specific to each nation's. And then maybe some special paints
  4. Thanks for the help, got through it alright. I've been seeing they had three star units across the board in most of the battles I've been in. Noticed now they have the best rifles to...
  5. It seems like the enemy has almost the best rifles and superior experience no matter how many battles I win. Make it all the way to Gettysburg fighting through that anyway and it's just annoying at this point. After all that time my experienced troops with mostly 2 stars hold a little while but everyone else seems to run when a gun fires. Then the game will start me with my troops in the worse places while the AI charges or just seems to appear in perfect position. Love the game and idea but this is killing it for me.
  6. Is anyone else playing against full size armies that have 95% three star units? I've won most of my battles and its the easier difficulty. playing as the union yet their armies are always huge, my troops can barely maintain two stars, those that have them anyway. Then some of my troops just turn and run after the first volley even against skirmishers??????? First image is my defensive troops behind cover running back home screaming like little girls even though they have 1000+ vs maybe two units of 500 at that time? Also my units do maybe 30 kills in a volley but would take super casualties no matter what. tried many things but ya idk what's going on. also second image troops on the right after taking a screenshot ran off screaming because omg 250 skirmishers deep in the woods.
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