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  1. Agree! or would be more great if the De ryter would be our 40 euro free dlc dont see the point why a trinco (if u can craft it anyway cheap ) is worth 40 euro anyway just my thoughts.
  2. We all will meet us again on the Horizion! Rip Seeferkel A Salute Broadside for him!
  3. Did i missed something or u trying to be funny? we fought longer than everyone else against russia. for month so do us all a favour and be better thankful to ur big brother russia otherwise u were gone. GG to russia o7 no respect and Honor for Dans still with their stupid arguings. and behavor. Pic is fpr fun see ya around
  4. i just Know Loorkon and Guest o7 good peeps gl with it!
  5. Turbo Devil GG


    :c hopefully not a complete resete until the maintence
  6. Good Ideas ! 3. Point is a real discussion werth like the gold old time when u got tons of rar trade goods hahahaha ( just kidding) , but some kind of rewards would be interesting.! Agree also that the vic marks will be werthless at some point in the future.
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