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  1. But Despe VOX players still beat you in 1v1 are you uber trash then? asking for a friend.
  2. And you insulting him does it make any better? Does it make you any better? It's basicly like Kindergarten. One does that then the other one does that blabla. I'd say you did as much as them. But that toxic attitude is not really better
  3. Tbf as I remember, the shooting of LoneHunter was after your insults at us. Infact you insulting as we gave you a fair warning not to just join battle to steal loot is more like toxic behavior and should be more banable than LoneHunter shooting at you after your insults at our Group.
  4. jajaja the vassal of Russia talking 🤣 maybe next time if you brag dont brag about a war which Russia won for you and keep licking their feet jajaja edit : keep bragging that you lost every fight against A and B fleets and brag that you won against a C fleet. YOU ARE SO GOODDDDDDDDD
  5. Dass hier so viel diskutiert wird über unnüzes Zeug. Ist nervig. Hier geht es um die Geschichten die Cid schreibt und eigentlich um nichts anderes...
  6. you say you are best cause you fight GB. We join and you complain about fair and good fights? and say we laugh cause we beat "minor nations" ? sounds weird tbh
  7. Ich bin mitgefahren weil ich mal wieder irgendein pb wollte, was für eins war mir egal
  8. es scheitert ganz einfach an der Motivation nochmal so viel Aufwand ins Spiel zu stecken
  9. hahahahaha I did enough for what I say. You think its a big mouth I mostly talk after I did something. Maybe stop hating our clan so much for nothing I think it the last days you had a way bigger mouth than me and especially against my clan You will see my actions soon again and maybe search another excuse for hating me cause that seems like all you do right now. Just lean back and watch the show And what exactly did you do? you didnt join Russia I see. I have enough plans and you will see them soonish and I think our clan created more content than most of them basic clans.
  10. Entschuldige, aber dann hast du nichts verstanden Jeder Clan teilte sich bei Release auf außer Russland, Russland blieb zusammen. Dann haben die Russen sich New Orleans geholt weil die REDS und NN den BFler nicht einen der 55er geben wollten. Dann vernichten sie die Holländer, machen sich 10 Vasallen. Einer aus unserem Clan hat sich da ne gute Frage gestellt nämlich "Warum halten die REDS sich das Spiel künstlich am Leben, indem sie sich ein paar Vasallennationen machen und dann hoffen, dass sie wieder stark werden und sich auflehnen gegen Russland." Ich stimm ihm da zu 100% zu. Der Spielinhalt Russlands ist es zu schlafen bis sich wieder jemand wagt sich gegen sie aufzulehnen um ihn wieder zu vernichten und dann zu sagen wie geil sie doch sind. Die dominieren schon seit release den Server und niemand konnte es verändern. Nichtmal die größte Koalition auf dem Server und du sagst die Russen können nichts dafür, dass es so ist wie es ist? HAHA da muss ich lachen Was jetzt? -Schweden vernichtet -Piraten werden vernichtet -Franzosen werden vernichtet -Dänemark Vasall -GB Vasall -USA Vasall -Holländer Vasall Ich würd mal behaupten dass es kaum noch aktive Clans für RvR gibt. Die Spanier kämpfen gegen GB und wenn sie sich zu viel holen kommt Mama Russland und sagt stopp. Solange nicht 50% (+-) Russlands weggehen ändert sich kaum was. Ich werd vllt noch bisschen was machen aber nicht gegen die Russen. Ich fighte die Russen schon seit Release genauso wie mein Clan und ein paar andere, es wird einfach zu viel. Man verliert einfach die Lust wenn das ganze Ziel des Spiels nur ist Russland anzugreifen und zu bekämpfen. Mal Schauen was noch kommt, vllt irgend ne Überraschung
  11. yea cause we like challenge and create content for the server
  12. nono they have REDS alts watch out and they still fear the fight with the REDS alts 🤣
  13. you didn't read the text did you? Russia is such a big nation, it would be a shame if they wouldnt have the best pb fleet. I said clan vs clan battles chrissy REDS vs KRAKE f.e. But you can only win with all the top players in the pb, and thats where we start losing. That's why we "give up" our territory without a fight, the triple a fleet of russia comes aka best fleet on the server and boom. Nothing changes. But VSC vs. KRAKE would have been amazing once well you hide behind russia and blame us for the same XD #HAVOCaltsInHiguey ah btw where did VCO go after they lost against WO? Russia I suppose
  14. It's funny how we break the game, because we join Russia. Why do WE break the game? Most of the clans joined Russia, we do it too and get blamed for breaking the game? Amazing 😁😆 With this move we protect our clan from dying and have as much fun as possible. Because we were the last ones against russia and say, no we dont fight alone, we get blamed? Everyone says we are p*ssies, but why? The whole NATO failed in defeating russia so KRAKE should do it alone now? Lol, then you understand nothing from this game. Russia wants content and good fights and we simply just dont give it to them, flame us as much as you want. And funny Greg with the biggest mouth again, as always, how did the dutch collapse again? Ah yeah, fighting russia. And we should do it alone now, not even with a big nation. Then nozki, how can you say this is bullshit when you weren't even in the council, are you god and know everything? Nice, because in the actual council cid and me were as quiet as nether. We got asked once what we think about attacking sweden and I said "I think it's not a good idea cause it won't be as Grundge said, just attacking to give them a body nose and then get back to fighting russia, it will be long war and I vote against it" yes that's what I said, but nozki knows everythin, hope you onew that too? And Genevieve again with the normal big BSTD mouth, I can just remember yesterday how much frost cried that we joined Russia because its game breaking🤣 so amazing 🤣 BSTD fears to lose against us it seems, even tho you say we are bad but the most fun part was that he repeated 10 times that whole REDS have alts in denmark, but BSTD still fears to fight us. It would be just the same we fight against REDS and BSTD so fair fight as before? Why crying? Fearing of losing to our B fleet again as in new Edinburgh? Or do you say to yourself that was our A fleet? 😆 no it wasnt but we can gladly repeat fighting BSTD and show them their place. And if you have a normal brain stop flaming us for not doing what even the NATO didnt achieve. We will have our fun here. And tbh no clan could match us in a fight. No full REDS fleet against a full KRAKE fleet, they always need their ram dinark, oned, reverse, yettie etc. Nothing special, but we would have won basicly every clan vs clan battle, but no one wants to realise. Everyone talking about the disaster of Portobelo? Nice, I talk about the destruction of REDS without ram at Higuey. Seems like Ram is more important to the russian fleet than even north viking. We were one of the best clans, when maybe even the best, but all people crying about us and saying how shit we are. Looking forward to the next fights, to show everyone how shit we are. Sorry for long text Fair winds to you and o7
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