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  1. If there was a timmer then there would never ever be any combat ever. It should just be areas of the map you get a boast or remove it.
  2. No lol. Use it in yourVictory to catch a Aggy.
  3. These wind zones are really exploitable. I don't get what the point of them is apart from to allow even more uneven fights.
  4. Due the broken economy in the game meaning we get NO tax in most ports, does this now mean we have to put timmers on all our big ports and lose more money? Why do this on the PvP server?
  5. Today I wasa unable to move my sails in battle and lost a ship as a result, in a battle I should have won. This has also happend to a clan mate of mine, in both case we where in game could control all aspects of the ship apart from the sails. Is this a known bug? I noticed this topic: but it was not this as there was no lag on my side anyway as my ping was good and the enemy player carried on fireing at me and I could fire back. I just could not move my sails at all. I logged out the game and back in again and this fixed the problem, but it was too late by that point, due to this bug I lost my ship as I was takeing on a big ship in a small ship. I put an F10 report in but I don't think they ever get looked at.
  6. A pirate player by the name of "WaKKO Sick" joined a battle on my side to sink me. The Ai did no damage to me I was 100% sunk by my ally "WaKKO Sick". He chased me in battle for 1 hour then sunk me when I disconected, before this he was constantly fireing into my sails to slow me down (I have a video of this if you want it).
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