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  1. I'm done argueing with teenagers. Hopefully the developers keep some sorta log that proves your full of S*** and ban you all.
  2. You and your freinds shot at me as soon as I joined the game, I said hello and someone tried to shoot at my mast, then more people started trying.
  3. A lie again. I told you hello kitty off after you started fireing at me. I joined the battle to get my last bit of damage in the PZ. You don't get to decide what battles I'm allowed to join.
  4. Yeah one are two broadsides would have given me to 20k PZ damage. I had just helped kill a L'ocean in a snow a few mins before joining the battle where you all freindly fired on me. Anymore lies questions?
  5. I joined to get a few k more damage and you all started shooting at me as soon as I joined. Coordinated campaign of lies. Hopefully you all get banned.
  6. Another lie, again just like last night when they where all in a discord and attacked me they are now on a discord coordinating a misinfomation campaign. To distract from my complaint about them friendly fireing.
  7. Further more any acusation that I was trying to take loot is clearly unture as the where no ships sunk at the time they started fireing at me. Which was in the first few mintues of the game. This is a distraction from their attemp to demast/team kill me.
  8. A lie again. Nope you fired first at me first to troll. Your trolling AGAIN this time via the forums and are only posting this beacuse I complained about you attacking me as soon as I joined your side. evidence:
  9. Yes much bette than people who start attacking their own team mates for no reason.
  10. A lie. If they keep any records of when damage was taken they'll see I never "insulted" anyone till someone fired at my mast.
  11. These players on my own side started shooting at me as soon as I joined a battle in the PZ trying to demast me and threaten to kill my ship. I recived no damage from the enemy the entire battle and F11 reported the battle. Surely players who do this should have their acounts banned? In the picture you can see Lone Hunter fireing at me but more than one of my team mates fired at me.
  12. For 1 point!? This is another update that benefits Russia if your in a smaller nation (all the other nations) collecting that many resources for a "port development" will take a long time. There needs to be some sorta RvR balance thought about with these updates. If your in a nation that owns more ports the "port development" upgrade should cost you more if your in a naiton with less ports the port development should cost you less or you end up in a situation where you spent ages investing in a port as a small nation and have a higher risk of losing it to a teleporting enemy fleet. Basic reasources should also cost you alot more to collect. if your in Russia the reasources to build a ship should cost you hundreds of times more to collect compared to a player building a ship in China for example. ..or you could just get rid of port bonuses as it really disadvantages new players and grinding reasoruces for the investment on top of a really really high price for ship yards is not a fun part of the game.
  13. These players constantly kept tagging after getting one of their ships to leave and get the wind boast then retagging me even though they could not catch me in battle. This is clear trolling. They where not even smart enough to get faster ships, but instead tagged me 6 times in a row at least. I reported them in game. Please do something about this toxic behaviour.
  14. If there was a timmer then there would never ever be any combat ever. It should just be areas of the map you get a boast or remove it.
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