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  1. Today I wasa unable to move my sails in battle and lost a ship as a result, in a battle I should have won. This has also happend to a clan mate of mine, in both case we where in game could control all aspects of the ship apart from the sails. Is this a known bug? I noticed this topic: but it was not this as there was no lag on my side anyway as my ping was good and the enemy player carried on fireing at me and I could fire back. I just could not move my sails at all. I logged out the game and back in again and this fixed the problem, but it was too late by that point, due to this bug I lost my ship as I was takeing on a big ship in a small ship. I put an F10 report in but I don't think they ever get looked at.
  2. A pirate player by the name of "WaKKO Sick" joined a battle on my side to sink me. The Ai did no damage to me I was 100% sunk by my ally "WaKKO Sick". He chased me in battle for 1 hour then sunk me when I disconected, before this he was constantly fireing into my sails to slow me down (I have a video of this if you want it).
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