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  1. For new player , final exam should not be rushed... Why? , a new player need to learn to handle a ship before the final exam 2v1. For that you got a rattlesnak before the final exam, to go open world and learn something in first real fight. Don't rush it new player , take u time with the C zone to learn the game better vs easy ia, and then make final exam. Old player , you arleady know the game , you don't need to cry with a easy final exam for pre release player. Greatings, Lt Sekiro
  2. Let's hope player will be here. Gl everyone for release rush
  3. Kurtz , French player tagging me just for insutling Traduction : So son of a bitch , you come to suck french cock I let you , you mother call me. Not the first time he did this , pls do something Greatings , Lt Sekiro
  4. Good patch i think Can be good if you change Br port , for more interesting pb and not only 20 ocean all time , boring and not funny
  5. Good to know. But give info if totale wipe , for i know if i start my suicide mission
  6. When you are not inside the ship , you have the stat of the ship empty ( without hold and canon) When you jump on hit , you have the real stat of the ship
  7. Hello , i send you this message about the Paint Endymion.

    I reported this via f11 2 week ago , but i don't game the compensation

  8. Usless , fort always get rekt by mortar
  9. Le pvp est devenue tellement... pathétique. La chasse solo est l'assurance certaine de ce faire gank , car du fait des zone de renfort tout le monde reste dans c'est zone pour pve Les zone de patrol sont intéressante , mais ouvert pendant 25 minute et aucune restriction sur un équilibrage des 2 opposant fait que rarement des batailles intéressante on lieu. Et finalement les nouveaux musket d'abordage , qui empêche simplement un joueur d'avoir une chance de disengage , chance que l'on avait encore avec les ancien fit. Le vraie pvp est mort , le jeux est devenue un jeux de pve farm et gank pvp , rien d’intéressant , bref seul le coter simulation est bien , le coter amusant est inexistant , ce qui rend le jeux fun n'est même pas le jeux en lui même , mais le peut de la communauter non rageuse.
  10. Same player , i rekt him in 2v1 , bello vs his ocean and a trinco , he start sank , board me and i get os , pls that no sense , bad player can win just with muskets
  11. Pls dev what you do to the boarding Get boarder , 700 crew 650 , got barricads , and what happens , musket volley vs brace , 297 kill Fix you game , you just give the opportunity to os in boarding without marines. Tard games , i should stop.
  12. DizzWho

    winged out ballast

    Winged out ballast is now a permanante upgrade
  13. really great ship, not tanky like the other 2nd rate , but the great fire power and the turn give him a great potencial
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