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  1. Would it be outside of possibility to include some actual navigation? Before there was nothing to use but landmarks, then there were GPS coordinates (many did not like this), so we went back to nothing but included a protractor...which basically only works if you're travelling in a straight line with no turns. Can we have some way to measure distance between grids - or just make it well known - and then a way to calculate distance traveled? This would allow us to make more complex route plans and would really open up the middle of the ocean.
  2. I'm beginning to find that this is an illogical circular loop. There's not enough PVP because there are no players. There aren't enough players because there's not enough PVP. Doomed, I'm with you somewhat, but I am really starting to believe that there's just not a driving force that makes people want to play the game...like REALLY play the game. I play throughout the week (usually not long week nights but I at least log on for a few minutes). Population spikes on Friday and Saturday (mostly friday night) and a drive for hostility (through PVE only) to schedule a Port Battle for Sunday. POrt battle occurs (usually uncontested), everyone rejoices. They then all log off. There is no driving reason for an average player to play this game. I play because I enjoy sailing, and I enjoy random encounters with people. But there's no plot mechanism, there's no real driving force. Conquest was a brilliant idea, but with no strong motivating factor for taking a region (I can only think of two or three regions I'd really fight for) the only people currently taking regions are those people that want to "win" by taking uncontested land. That same need to win causes ridiculous alliances that make the biggest nations impossible to beat. This was a game that was originally designed as a fun but ultimately meaningless way to experience Age of Sail naval combat. Now it's on the cusp of becoming a self-contained world with National Politics and meaningful interactions between players. However, a combination of both players and Developers seem stuck on the "PVP is GOD" concept that requires everyone to be able to immediately engage in PVP. I love PVP. I think it's an amazing mechanic in this game that can be used to drive the "story" of this world forward. But it's not the ONLY mechanic. Create meaningful purpose for players to get out and sail, and PVP will happen. Create real political purpose. Give envoys the ability to sail into a capitol port and post messages about why an alliance with their nation is beneficial. Make Nations matter! Right now the clan mentality outstrips any real National pride. The voting mechanic is there, apply it to more than just war/peace. Vote for National leaders that can appoint ambassadors to other nations. Create a strict limit on alliances to ensure war still occurs (two allies per nation max, for example) Putting a message board in the capitol city of each nation allows people to get their voice heard to all members of the nation (this would help in both leadership and alliance voting). I'm clearly ranting at this point, but the ultimate point here is that there are many things that can be done to make the game great. PVP isn't a problem, PVE isn't a problem. The problem is Purpose.
  3. That's actually not a bad idea. Would probably need some mechanics to be worked out, but I certainly like the initial premise.
  4. I'm not doubting you in the least, but there is a big difference between European and American culture, and then the same to be said for Australian and Asian culture. So while you are quite multicultural from a European perspective, attempting to ally with America or Britain (where everyone is pretty much a native english speaker with a particular cultural lean) is a dramatically different. Having lived in Germany for a few years, and in general having a bit more "worldly" experience with multiple cultural dynamics, I can say that Americans in particular are more dramatically different in how we perceive the world than most other European nations. We tend to be mildly elitist (some more than others) and many people have a strong aversion to feeling left out. That's what will typically create a separation between English speaking America and most other nations. When you live in Europe, you can and should expect to encounter many different languages - and are therefore more accepting of the difference. For Americans, we don't experience that quite so much, and immediately distrust non-english speakers (they could be talking about me). So what all of that means is that if you want to break up the other alliances, special pains must be taken to account for the different cultures of the "enemy" alliance.
  5. As a disclaimer, I do not play the EU server and am speaking purely from an outsider's point of view - But maybe the issue with the alliances also rests in the language barriers. Now I don't have the ego to demand that French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, and Dutch players all speak English just so I can understand you, but perhaps having an english speaking Ambassador would help. Over at PVP2 we have our own Superalliance issues, but taking an active role in engendering positive relationships with the other nations (as wanted, anyway) could change the dynamic of the game altogether. In the beginning it would probably be downright bribery, but it could still work. Mutual Benefit is probably the only thing that can overcome the cultural and language differences between two nations. It would pose a LOT of difficulties, but it could be a worthwhile goal with huge potential outcomes.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I don't have the same experience. I don't do missions at all, I pretty much Only hunt OW. Maybe I'm just not as impatient (no insult intended)? It really is a matter of selecting good sea-lanes. They do exist and particularly if you're hunting AI. AI lanes differ dramatically from Player lanes, as well. For my part I know which "paths" to take in order to increase my chances of action (AI or Player). So I would recommend taking some time to learn the waters, as well as spreading out and getting a bit more active in the wider world.
  7. I think I agree with the other OW hunters in this. I applaud the attempt to create more PVP in the game, but I prefer finding a ship (or being found) on open water. This is a big part of the reason I don't like taking missions. This game started as a series of battle instances, with no OW, and now it seems like it's reverting back to its origins. If that's what people want, then that's what people want. It's not my cup of tea, and I for one hope that's not the outcome. I will say I don't have any answers for how to fix OW interactions, and I wish I did. Perhaps the crafting is causing some, perhaps the hostility missions (and the inherent difficulty in finding them) is causing yet more. I know I'm out every day looking for likely combat. Some days I find it, most days I don't. I'm not big on World of Warships (or tanks) or Call of Duty, or any of those other arena based PVP games. I liked the majority of the last patch for my part, but I know I'm a minority in that. Here's hoping this doesn't completely ruin OW sailing.
  8. I'm watching this now. He's a genius! Things I never really thought about. Thanks for sharing.
  9. No no, you'd know if it was me. The names are the same. It's almost pure jealousy. The constant resource collection, the disappointment every time I look at my collection of fine woods (nowhere near 400). Then to see you asking "What will I do with ALL of my spare fine wood. It's a humble-brag and you know it.
  10. So I agree, BS logoff is required for the needs of real life. But why not put in a timer - say five minutes or so (long enough to perform repairs and grab another drink). If you don't exit the battle screen, it logs you out automatically. You then have to log back in to the battle completion screen, finish out your crew and cargo adjustments, and move out. Camping is at least mostly solved, but you also get to have a real life. Now moving on to the original post, I agree. It's ridiculous that some people (by all means not all) decide they're going to tag you until you just give up out of frustration. There's no skill in that. I think a random pop within the original grid would work, but I don't know how difficult it would be to make sure you don't come out on land. Or perhaps make the attack timer significantly longer for anyone you were in the battle with. I don't know. But those little twerps that just follow and tag regardless of whether or not they can actually capture your ship are nothing more than irritating, and exploiting a system to attempt gain through sheer frustration.
  11. So first, I play PVP2 so my experiences obviously differ from OP's. My first reaction to the "my work" comment was annoyance. It's a game, stop taking it so seriously. Beyond that, because I really don't want this to be yet another attack feed. Ship Building - I feel like this is yet another complaint about how "hard" things are. They are different, and some variety is required in the game. I know there must be a line between realism and fun, but the US really were the only ones to have Live Oak. Learn how to use the other woods effectively. I would have thought that Bermuda would be hotly contested for the speed benefits. ROE - I agree almost completely. I do prefer the two circle system, but that's because I sail solo almost exclusively, and wouldn't "radio" in support as that seems too much out of character. The scale difference between OW and BS is dramatic, so it seems ridiculous that someone could sail a hundred miles in two minutes and pop into the battle right next to me. (I'm anti-gank and ambush tactics, obviously) But I will say I think towers and AI should be reduced, asnd the gold/xp gains should be raised - particularly for PVP. I really must reiterate here that most people that hate the 2 circle system seem to have belonged to these super-fleets of players that loved preying on the lone or small group sailors. I understand that this makes hunting more difficult for you, but for me it's improved my ability to expect a victorious outcome. I know that I may be a minority, but getting gang raped by 15 ships - 9 of which are SOLs - is incredibly unsatisfying. That's not fun for me, or anyone that plays like me. It's only fun for the group of 15. Crew losses - Sterns are weak points. Stop showing yours to the enemy. I like seeing more 5th rates on the ocean, instead of all these SOLs flying solo expecting uncontested dominance. This goes back to variety in the battlefield. If everyone sails the same ships (read SOLs) then it becomes a matter of who has the best Mod combo, and not who the better sailor is. SOLs are massive gun platforms and not much else. PVE - I would also like to see more enemy ships, I dislike having to sail forever just to find AI prey. I won't put any input into the Port Battle stuff, because I could care less about that system. I hope they fix whatever the problem is because I'm sick of everyone complaining about it. Obviously I'm biased towards open water sailing and combat. Overall, I tend to somewhat agree and disagree with OP on this topic. I like some aspects and dislike others of the new patch. But I really do think it's just a matter of how much was changed so quickly. People generally dislike change, and this was a lot to swallow for everyone. I'm not as experienced as most of you (certianly not Vicious - 6000 hours?! get a life guy!) so maybe that's what made this change easier to digest.
  12. In a way, no matter how you play it, it is the players' faults. We wanted these changes and we got them. For my part, I like most of them (but it's also not that hard for me to find resources, or I make do with something else in the case of wood) Silver is a significant issue, as the production is highly limited. But there are several areas that can produce it. The answer to the shortage could be to take a region with silver production. These areas should be highly contested. However - I will agree that the crippling effects of not having silver are too great. I think the introduction of Fine woods has mitigated the need for silver in notes. So increasing Silver availability would probably help.
  13. I used to think the same way, when I played on PVE. But the simple fact of the matter is that the game does reward PVE much more than PVP. Hostility is raised most effectively through both War supplies and Hostility (PVE) missions. You can join PVE missions, but it is incredibly rare to find active missions while you're sailing around OW. Additionally, if I want to make money or find potentially useful supplies through privateering, I don't go looking for players. For the most part they sail in open water, far away from land whenever possible. It's much easier to find smugglers close to home (AI), or go to enemy waters and take their traders. In a slow day I can take an LGV with AI backup and take half a million in ships and cargo. Don't even get me started on trading. So I completely understand the desire to incentivize PVP more than PVE, because PVE is already the norm. People want to win. So they play in the way with the most guarantee for success. They avoid areas of contention and do all they can to get rich, build the best ships, and own the most land. The actual PVP that happens is when pirates seek it out (they're pirates because they want PVP, I've come to realize) by sailing to enemy waters and free ports, searching for any prey. Otherwise everyone is still trying to play the meta of hostility missions and empty port battles. Now I have no problem with making PVE events rewarded, in fact I'm sure I saw that on the notes. But don't force the PVP events to also offer yet more options for PVE.
  14. I may be alone in this, but I feel that the second cirlce pulling in AI benefits me, in a way. I sail alone about 98% of the time. So if some massive enemy fleet wants to come and tag me while I'm sailing near friendly waters, why wouldn't I make an attempt to get away by sailing towards friendly AI? Granted, this works against me when I'm attacking someone else near their friendly shores, but in my eyes it just adds to the element of strategy and planning needed to take enemy ships. I can certainly agree with reducing the size of AI fleets, but when I've got six or more ships chasing me down, I'd like an alternative to surrender or death. Other than that, I can agree with everything else. Edit: I've never actually been able to successfully pull in AI because I usually get tagged in Open water
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