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  1. Interesting to see an 'east' Iandiaman trader coming to game. Ive done some quick research on the Rotterdam and came up with this: https://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?183669 Correct me if I'm looking at the wrong live line of ships we all use in game (1700-1800) Although, it does not say anything about the guns. I expect at least 2 decks because she needed to be well peotected Looking forward
  2. Think it wil act like a normal group mission. U should be doing it alone, can't say what kind of ships there will be for defending the Indiaman.
  3. Seems fun at first. My very first tought was: What if a large populated nation (will not say the name of that nation but we all know who that is ) will do raids on lets say Cartagena (Dutch) and a large clan-warehouse is there, will it not be a bit unfair for the Dutchies side who can't do anyting but watch the raiders do their job? Lets say 10 misisons on that port...I know it can be captured afterwards... but do you really think the defenders will have a chance after it? You end up with 10 players carrying the chests and 50+ players who are defenidng the chests.. e
  4. Stop wasting time with new or already used suggestions. Devs will never listen to us anyway. You guys admitting it already.
  5. Exactly the reason why I left. There is so much to do befor you can have real fun! Guys like me play this game as a casual player (1-2 hours a day, if not less, mostly after dinner).. since I have a new job that requires 60 hours a week ... good luck with endless grinding ships and finding those beloved super OP upgrades.. NA was way funnier to play, a few years ago. Since the complexity it has killed the playerbase. But hé, its just a game but not for a casual player o7
  6. I've had the same problem yesturday but it works fine atm. 10 min ago we did a group mission on 5th rates (1x4th rate and 3x 5th rate). EDIT: after that we did another mission and It did not work
  7. The Frensh were with five players when they fled. The swedes were with the same numbers, maybe six. Two of those ships were dragged into the battle. At least the three other guys could turn around to make it interesting and this wouldn't be happening.
  8. According to the timezone the game is representing, Brits, Spanish, Dutch, America and French were the most common nations in the Caribbean/Golf of Mexico area. Its nice to have a few ships from other nations, like Denmark and Sweden. But please, give the game some Dutch ships. Nations like France (L'Ocean) Brits (HMS Victory), Spain (Santisima), Sweden (Wasa) and America (Constitution) have their ships. Wat do the Dutch have? Nothing (yet). During the time of 1700-1800 the Dutch have had a lot of well armored ships! Its good to have a poll like this but that doesn't really help a na
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