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  1. None of them were british. None of them had so weak and coward enemies. I knew the dutchies, they had to beg us to attack the spaniards at the same time in Panama because of their own lack of skills.
  2. Losing pretty badly? hahahahahahaha The time for being gentle and friendly has finished. We talked too much on the past only because we just needed it to become stronger, bigger and powerful. Now is the time when we show all what we can do to achieve the crushing defeat of our enemies and all moron who wants to fight us. Sooner or later, the entire map will be ours.
  3. To the british nation and their leaders, are we fools? Lets begin to wipe these dutchies asap, the south is now open for conquest.
  4. Maybe Sweden is the third really clever nation of the server (after the British and the usa). Im glad to decided to attack to this nation of unreliable sailors of shallow waters.
  5. Dont get upset Jager. We dont need the dutch. In fact they needed us in the past because of their own incompetence to fight an inferior and pathetic force of spaniards. We will be happy to show them who really owe the sovereign of the seas.
  6. Poor people, do you think you can match our firepower? Your "reinforcements" are nothing, just empty words.
  7. They know it, because we did it before. We wiped them all of the map, "their" ports where taken to their rightful owner, us. At this time, the USA was nothing so we had to remember them that historical fact.
  8. We are going to teach the spaniards a lesson they will never forget. And the rest of the server will see what happens to the ones who opposes us.
  9. It seems that the only intelligent people of the server are americans players. They are clever enough to see that they are no match for us, the British Empire. And Im quite sure that is not a matter of cowardice. Ruskies, spaniards, oranges and frogs and the pirate scum will suffer their own foolness and lack of vision. I have to say I really miss to sink ruskies, where are you? Maybe afraid of your mistakes?
  10. I laugh more when you say that you have one "front" against sweden.
  11. And you will never be safe, pirate scum. You and your allies, those pathetic ruskies, are nothing against us. In fact, it seems that your allies already know this truth as most of the server, when are you going to realize that you cant win?
  12. Hahahaha enjoy the pvp guys! And dont underestimate the Dutch, they know they can win this war, thats why they started it. You will never see a dutch fighting a superior enemy like the us, the British Empire, cause they know our mighty Navy would crush them.
  13. It is so cool seeing each other at war. This way we can defeat you both more easily. Thanks to this issues the ruskies are busy so, once we defeat the pirate menace, the following nation to fall will be yours.
  14. Really cool work! Im glad that after the events of Conttoy and Mugeres you finally saw the advantages of the peace between both nations.
  15. Dont worry mate, you would loose the port the following day no matter what . However I must say I miss to battle against some of your friends the ruskies, so much vodka ?
  16. Our friends the Dutch knows well the convenience of our pacts. They shows us they are intelligent people when they focus their war effort against Sweden and France, wars they can win. Pirates, ruskies and spaniards on the other side...
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