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  1. Keep open the NN for all the TOXICITY this removal is going to generate. We will lose a lot of players with the same rate as we saw in the days of the EA (February-June).
  2. Are we going to see the server events again? The British nation is quite in need of more BPs of those ships.
  3. Again you claimed to reduce the spaniards to Barranquilla thanks to "your fleet". GB and US support being forgotten to fulfill your propaganda campaign. And it seems that even dutch players support your way of doing and saying things, which is quite sad. Getting very tired of reading this.
  4. This man isn´t a random guy, he leads dutch fleets and he was one of the promoters of the Three Admiral´s Treaty so his point of view of the current situation is very insightful.
  5. It is quite ungrateful saying that in the last week you were "alone" against 4 nations when GB and US have send fleets to help you recover those ports. Also, I have said in previous posts in another threads the swedish are doing literally nothing except capturing pirate ports. I believe the post should be modified or you must apology. I have fought hard and lost ships and I dont deserve, neither my guys, this kind of behaviour.
  6. If the Dutch dont want to fight, the problem is theirs alone. GB has to deal first with some annoyances. The only major issue here is DN, once the Dutch removes them, they will reconquer its territory quite easily. The Dutch are strong fighters, they will prevail.
  7. Im not very upset with this change of "position" from the swedish. At the end, they are only a tiny, weak and underpopulated nation which cant field the numbers except for gank squads at capitals. If you look what they have achieved during these weeks you will find out there is no action worth of mention. At this rate, the swedish have taken the same number of french ports as our dutch allies, which is funny.
  8. Why do you speak for Great Britain? We are going to show Spain what it deserves, the show has just begun.
  9. Not only that mate, they are quite cowards. They signed a peace treaty and they left alone their loving friends (the spaniards) against their enemies. Even with the war declaration from the Dutch. In the meantime they are farming on their heaven around Fort Royal. After wiping the spaniards, we have to say "hello France". Im quite sure Britain wont be alone in our fights against them.
  10. The ports were taken on the timers you set, French. I wonder what your allies really think of your overall performance cause its seems quite clear you are the weakest member of your coalition.
  11. The dutch knows well where the winning side is. It was only a matter of time that they realized of this fact. Being friendly and allowing the French to go against our ports at Panama was a big mistake but I forgive them. I have no doubts that with their help Britain will restore its place on the map.
  12. Goodbye French. It seems that another failed Tour de France. Only two weeks on haiti on vacation and you are going to be back to that corner of the map where you belong.
  13. Hmmm, Im sceptical with the release of the game. So soon and not enough content for a sandbox game. You forget ships, music, optimization process...
  14. They cant be in two sides at the same time. If they really think that they can, they will fail.
  15. Its the time for USA to reconquer all lost ports at the East and begin to push them out of the Bahamas once for all.
  16. I have been offline during several weeks and now I wish to know, as many others, why of this betrayal before more lies begin to spread across the nation. At the same time, we need to know what are we going to do against them. The playerbase who only read the national chat and this forum deserves some answers from the high command.
  17. WTF, we had a peace agreement with you! Yesterday we lost a port but this coward actions will make you lose all your ports. You said pirates are attacking your homeland (I laughed)... but we will not allow you to sail free from your homeport. We did it before, and we will do the same again. My fellow comrades are eager to prove you this.
  18. Instead of wasting your time against a lone ship which can be easily defeated by us you could end all the negative propaganda and falseness from guys like Infiniteamount. I didnt know that you were on talks with the pirates, however is a good sign that our offer, peace, outmatches their demands. Both nations will win more this way, as friends.
  19. Im a proud british tired of this lies against us. We have behaved as gentlemans and what do we receive on return? Nothing, just nothing, only treachery.
  20. Dont insult the lady... cause she has a lion as pet.
  21. None of them were british. None of them had so weak and coward enemies. I knew the dutchies, they had to beg us to attack the spaniards at the same time in Panama because of their own lack of skills.
  22. Losing pretty badly? hahahahahahaha The time for being gentle and friendly has finished. We talked too much on the past only because we just needed it to become stronger, bigger and powerful. Now is the time when we show all what we can do to achieve the crushing defeat of our enemies and all moron who wants to fight us. Sooner or later, the entire map will be ours.
  23. To the british nation and their leaders, are we fools? Lets begin to wipe these dutchies asap, the south is now open for conquest.
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